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    one suggestion...

    recently i was slapped with a double infraction for posting bad language and insulting another poster, the other poster started the argument and insulted me first... after i responded to the insults i was slapped with not one infraction, but two, one claimed that i had read the first infraction and continued my negative behavior... this wasnt the case, before i knew it i had two infractions for basically one argument, the second was based on an incorrect assumption... if this can be avoided in the future i feel it would benefit this site... thanks.

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    Good point, ijw2bp. Were these infractions from the same Mod, or two different Mods? I've seen many times where two Mods attack a situation simultaneously without first agreeing on which one will take point on the matter.

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    IJ, why do you think I gave you an early release? Your ban was good for 10 days but I released it early.

    Here was my timeline;

    - Your intial post which was insult laden
    - I gave you an infraction for it
    - Next time I went into that thread, you had edited your already infracted post (already had a red card) to say something far worse.
    - I took this as a deliberate attempt to ignore the first infraction, so I gave you another

    Since then, you have pleaded your case, and I lifted your ban. I've also told you next time to report the initial post or turn the other cheek instead of sinking to the level of insulting, because maybe I didn't see the initial one but I did see yours. The situation has been remedied as far as I'm concerned. Email me at vegasdave@sbrforum.com if you believe there is more to this.

    Thank you.