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    Anyone have Jimmy Spats play?

    just got a call from vegas about it guy said guaranteed he wins n wanted me to pay 500 for it

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    Stay away from anyone affiliated with Real Sports. As others have shared here and on other forums, these guys will verbally guarantee you a minimum of 75% win rate and deliver squat, while charging you for every possible dollar they can get their hands on. They claim to be a "legit" operation, and legally they are. They promote illegal online gambling via offshore casinos. I am too embarrassed to admit how much money these scumbags took from me. I am just waiting for the day when they will face a class action suit. These people are parasites who know nothing but how to get your money. An "investment" is how they'll characterize it. Listen for names like "Jeff Bass" or "Saul Roskin". They've grown up doing nothing but gambling and think that they are winners because they live off of other people's money. Parasites.

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    Huge scam
    stay away dude