Todays cars do not get better performance using the 90 grade vs regualr and that cost like .50 more

even if your car is 15 years old they are fine on regular gas .

USE highest PSI you can in front slightly lower in rear because all the weight on cars is up front this will get you 1.5 more mpg

#2 buy a can of spray lube like at dollar gen only $2 spray in tank before fill up this lubricates the whole system and gets you like 2 mpg better. I found out because years ago my gas float was sticky n even tho i had over 1/4 tank the damn thing when i was at idle would drop to empty .. been doing this for years now

#3 if you see milage drop quickly and some kicking trans slipping at times get a TUNE UP MY car was doing this years ago got my guy change the fluid and filter it took a while but it started acting up again so bought plugs airfilter and pcv valve tootal cost $75 well like holy shit no wonder gas milage was piss poor the gap on plugs was like way open more they were burnt and the lil thing inside that nakes the spark was like this / instaed of this _

SO it started again two weeks ago my guy said he would do it for only $35 heck and he gets discounts at stores registered shawns gargae saved me $30 tuned up done by him in 35 mins

#4 Clean n polish your vehicle will increase MPG also less air drag and a top grade polish NOT that liquid shit at car washes

the best one is like $25 per botlle a new polymer coating will restore that glass like sheen to your vehicle even the dark plastic parts windows too

yeah biden released the surplus oil prices plummeted lowest i seen $3.98 thats a whopping .70 less from the $4.68 and higher which is $7 less on 10 gals do that 10 X you saved $70

like now my fill tank is 12 gals with only 1 gal left was $45 to fill at higer price today at $4.09 or lower only $35 from 1/4 tank $10less heck saving me $100 thats full dinner for 4

ALWAYS look for lowest price possible

i was stunned one gas station had $4.07 1/4 mile down road $4.29 hey no matter what brand of gas you but they all are suppllied by the same oil companies

if you get weird kicking or wild stuttering stall outs you got water in gas from where you bought it tanks cracked underground inform owner quickly