been playing this game since i was 9 years old and never ever got a Ryal fush

highest was striaght flush to the K

BUT on other side I NEVER lost with any 4 of kind

HERES one at low limits $1 -$3 i was lowest card up a 2 with A 2 under next card dealt another 2

5 callers 5th st i catch quads showing 222 i figure no ones calling i bet $3 they all called

so i come back at here she calls now because so many players in hand 6th st i forget what i had they all called

now because so many players in hand the final card is a community card up in middle of table i bet braod across me at seat 3 raises ........... thinking i have 2's fulll she just bought 3's full

all others folded and i take her all in

she saying what are you doing i have fh i snap back i dont have a FH Raised she only has $2 left

calls with it and proudly shows 333 AA i said sorry dear you were drawing dead i slowly turn over the ace and then the final 2 four dueces she screams but you lied you said YOU dont have a FH i said correct i told the truth

goes off to tap mac or whatever but went to another table

next best hand $1-$5 i have pocket 7's with a 9 clubs up

call the BB next card 7 clubs i come out $5 i also saw an ace go down across from me

so every folds 1 guy stays in week low pair with an ace kicker down

5th street and 6th he buys A A making a FH I call his raise it's only one more bet cards dealt i squeeze the final card and such a pretty 7 of D's shows NOW this guy was dumb going all in because my board showed a possiblr str8 flush 9 clubs 7 clubs 8 clubs 5 clubs

took him all in till had only $2 left a total of $135 raises i showed him the full 4 7's showing him my final river card

a K and pulled away the other 3 cards on board and show him quad 7's he says no way i could know you had 4 7's i said you just didnt pay attention and i was showing a possible str8 flush

he goes off to tap an atm and comes back

but he just learned a lesson never go more than 3 raises heads up

ME i never took my ************ or bank cards in casino cash only $100 - $500 poker n craps some slots

ooooooo one time was busted down to 4 quters in pocket so across from poker is slots i play a 1 line .25 slot

4th quater bam bam bam the 3 alladin lamps pop up i won $75 in quaters of course grab bucket cash out

go back to my same seat #2 at 1 -3 stud told every one strap on your seat belts folks i'm going to beat you ....

busted out 3 players won back all my money $100 start plus $350 more game broke up only 3 of us left and it was like 5 am

I go to sleep in my car in garage where i had clean shirt and dedoarant to get washed up next day

wake up at 11 am yawwwwwwnnnn $455 in pocket go get claened up in mens room as bset i could

dry off hair and body with paper towels go grab breakfast at the 24 hour restaurnt in Taj mahal then back to poker

deciding between the 1-3 or 1-5 said to stay with 1-3 because that where you catch mom n pop kitchen table players and the women hate men they call with anything and are drawing dead because it's only 3$ more

Found my table full of fish and just played when i had best starting hands and watched after 5th st the honest players physical reactions and im still with only 1 pair K's or aces i fold seeing the possible str8's and flushes coming in

AS i told one freind in poker it's not what you win or lose it what you save by folding K 9 3 or A 10 6

add it up playing just 1-3 stud there are 4 bets after the blinds thats $12 you save do that 10 times in an hour YOU have SAVED $120 only lose the blinds 1$ the lowest card up had to post $1

ONE guy who i blistered after seeing me fold right away says ooooooo now you fold when i had you beat.

I say i have eyes n ears and brain i pay attention to every players actions on every hand

Imagine hear this from two players I always call for 5 cards you never know what your gonna GET

ME Eyes go $$$$$$$$$$