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    Quote Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
    And if the taser doesn't work (which happens frequently) the cop gets stabbed to death.
    Don't forget the pistol can jam too. So if the taser malfunctions, the pistol jams, the cop loses his beating stick, and he is so out of shape and doesn't know martial arts or knows how to run and get to his car and lock it then a 125 lb guy can stub him to death. Odds are 0.01% everything fails in this cop.
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    Pavyricer wtf are you complaining about? Cops kill more white people and hispanic people than blacks every year. These killings aren't racially motivated. The cops are doing their jobs and mitigating violent people that are belligerent and often armed. No rational person charges another person with a knife for no reason. If he would've simply complied with the orders of the authorities he would've been detained or arrested peacefully instead of this. If his parents weren't fukk ups they would have taught him that. I learned that shit in elementary school. Here we have a grown man that doesn't understand shit that kids do and then people wonder why he got shot. Don't charge at people with weapons and you don't get done up by them. Simple as that.

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