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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeCool20 View Post
    LOL I'm not arguing with you by any means, but who in the hell is "they" who you think changed it?

    This is a for profit website and "they" can do whatever they want on here. Whether it is "unfair" or not.

    Haven't you had enough done to you while you sit there and see that "they" don't do anything

    to that one person that you keep bickering with? Just don't go pro if you are going to keep responding

    to that one person. Or you will lose your $100 just by responding to his abuse, while "they" do nothing

    to him. Have banter with anybody but that one guy dude. Or you will be gone just for replying to him!

    There are probably 1000 people on here that know what is going to happen to you if you keep replying to that dude!
    By they I guess I mean the mods. Iím just assuming the reasons. They made my ban until nov 21st and then all the sudden the ban was lifted.

    If I get banned again for defending myself against that lunatic.....oh well. Iím not gonna let him to continue to threaten and lie without saying anything back to him. Thatís just not me.

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