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    Syria war a carefully orchestrated Israeli plot: Expert

    Syria war a carefully orchestrated Israeli plot: Expert

    A political analyst says Israel is orchestrating a potential US strike against Syria despite strong opposition from the US military and the American public.

    In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Gordon Duff, a senior editor of Veterans Today, said the US Senate is set to adopt a resolution authorizing military action against Syria, noting that Israel has bought the Senators’ votes. “It is a done deal,” he added.

    Duff stated that the strong opposition to potential strike on Syria indicates that the war plan “is purely being manufactured within the White House by political advisors around the president that are separating him from his military advisors.”

    The analyst recalled how the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, declined to speak in meetings before the Senate when he was asked by Secretary of State John Kerry to speak in favor of attacking the Arab country.

    He went on to say that a recent Israeli missile, which was “test-fired” in the Mediterranean, had actually been meant to target the populated downtown area in Damascus.

    “That was blocked. The Russians have been very public about that. It has been very embarrassing. There is no way of calling it anything but a plot,” he said.

    The analyst added that the potential war on Syria will not only bring no profit to Washington or the US military industrial complex but could also result in tensions with Russia “at a time when they are very powerful.”

    He condemned attempts by “the new axis of evil, namely Tel Aviv ... the Ottoman Empire and the Saudis” to instigate a war that is certain to spread from Syria to Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, with a final aim of targeting Iran.

    Duff explained that the US humiliation in the possible war against Syria could benefit US rivals, China and Russia. “This is a very powerful geopolitical move and a horrific disaster for the Obama presidency and for the United States,” he commented.

    “The president was put into this position being stupid enough to listen to advisors; he was manipulated into this; it is an attempt to destroy his presidency, his credibility, his historical standing. It will work. It is a war against the US presidency, carefully orchestrated by Israel.”
    The US stepped up its war rhetoric against Syria after the militants operating in the country claimed the Syrian forces had carried out a chemical attack on the suburbs of Damascus on August 21, which they claimed killed over a thousand people.

    Damascus denied the accusation, and has repeatedly said the deadly attack was a false-flag operation carried out by the Takfiri groups in a bid to draw in foreign military intervention.


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    AIPAC to push Congress to authorize US strikes against Syria

    File photo shows US President Barack Obama during an
    American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) event.

    A new report says the pro-Israel lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is planning to launch a major campaign to push US lawmakers into backing White House plans for a strike against Syria.

    Some 250 AIPAC leaders and activists will storm the halls on Capitol Hill during the next week to persuade the US lawmakers to vote for a draft resolution authorizing strikes on Syria, the report quoted an AIPAC source who asked not to be named.

    The group plans to lobby every member of Congress on the premise that Washington’s failure to act against the government of President Basher al-Assad in Syria would risk emboldening Washington’s opponents in other countries, including Iran.
    “The stepped-up involvement [of the AIPAC] comes at a welcome time for the White House, which is struggling to muster the votes in both chambers for a resolution that would give President Barack Obama the authority to engage in 'limited' military action in Syria for 60 days, with one 30-day extension possible,” the report added.
    While AIPAC and the White House seem to have an easier job in the House, the lower chamber of the US Congress, and among Democrats, they yet have to align opposing Republican figures, who have denied support for Obama’s warlike policy on Syria.

    Among them are two top Senate GOP leaders, namely Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Minority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, who have already been urged by top pro-Israeli donors and AIPAC allies to back the war resolution.

    The two have yet to offer their support ahead of a scheduled debate on the resolution on the Senate floor next week.

    US war threats against Syria have intensified since late August, when the militants operating inside Syria and the country’s foreign-sponsored opposition claimed that over a thousand people had been killed in a government chemical attack on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus.

    The Syrian government categorically rejected the accusation and said the militants had carried out the false-flag operation to prompt a foreign military intervention in the country.

    Nevertheless, a number of Western countries, including the United States, France, and Britain, quickly started campaigning for war.

    On Wednesday, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved a draft resolution backing the use of force against Syria. The document requires the approval of both chambers of Congress before it can be interpreted as any form of congressional authorization for the US administration to strike Syria.


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    So was 911.

    Just sayin.

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    you two would make a cute couple....just sayin

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    Amazing, my dad once told me a story about a guy who spoke with intelligence and seemed like he possessed a deep understanding of an issue. He was impressed. BTW, this is a true story. However, my dad continued that after listening for a more than just a short time he realized that this individual was completely insane. This is how some or most of these conspiracy theorists come off, at first you think they might be on to something here. But you eventually realize that they are as crazy as they come and truly nuts, but they very seldom verbalize all of their theories they hold because even they know they sound completely crazy. So the parts that they verbalize or print they are just the tip of the iceberg, it goes way beyond what they say and print. How would you like to be in these brains for a day or two? Oh my!
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    Paula papageorge and pronk are looney tunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robber View Post
    Paula papageorge and pronk are looney tunes.

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    Published on Sep 6, 2013
    Should the U.S. intervene militarily in Syria? New video further muddies the waters.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP: I'm asking everyone who watches this video to go to my webpage: www.billstill.com and sign up for a dollar-a-month by clicking on the "Subscribe and Support" tab. That's all I ask.

    Uploader Comments (Bill Still)

    • iLLWiLL TheMiCK 2 hours ago
      those videos of the launch, thats showing how they did it and thats not the actual video correct? And good post.

    • Bill Still 2 hours ago
      Don't know. There are so many questions.

      · in reply to iLLWiLL TheMiCK
    • PollenJesus 2 hours ago
      @ 6:35 Kerry says "rockets". I saw an artillery piece in the video launching canisters. Let's ask Kerry for evidence of the rockets. It seems every day that the US case for a strike gets weaker and weaker. Now the debate has come down to that the US has to strike to save face or else they look weak. This is not a justification for going to war in my books. Anyway.. the US loses legitimacy if they strike or do not strike.

    • Bill Still 2 hours ago
      Kerry is ... well ... not telling the truth.

      · 4 in reply to PollenJesus

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    • joecooldps 48 minutes ago
      Economists have been saying for years they will go to war because QE won't stimulate the economy. I think we'll do the war. It appears the house will vote it down so it will either happen before the house vote or there will be more chem weapons to try to build up support.

    • 0407Anonymous 59 minutes ago
      Thank you once again Mr Still

    • whykhr 1 hour ago
      It would have been a whole lot simpler to have armed & financed the secular, rational opposition right from the get-go. Assad would be gone by now, and Al Qaeda would be insignificant. But Americans are war weary after fighting two OIL WARS - for the sole purpose of making Big Oil richer. Greenspan admitted the Iraq War was entirely fought over Oil. As was Libya. And Afghanistan is being fought to secure the trans-Afghan pipeline to ship Big Oil's vast NG reserves in Turkmenistan to India.

    • ChrispyT YO 1 hour ago
      You've still got it Bill!
      keep up the good work

    • Christopher Marlowe 1 hour ago
      Ooops! Sorry. My bad. I thought you said "does not back down". Please forgive my snarky comment.

      · in reply to PollenJesus (Show the comment)
    • Neurotic Nation 1 hour ago
      Not definitive, that's absurd. These are mercenaries. Those guys in uniform are Syrian deserters- brigands that side with the jihadists. And this is the evidence that the West is holding up as proof the Assad regime did this. Nuts!! No damned wonder Putin called Kerry a liar. He is. The AP article was damning but had no photographic evidence. This video nails it to the wall. It was the Al Nusra/Al Qaeda fanatics that did this. The US supports the scum, it figures.

    • Christopher Marlowe 1 hour ago
      Yes, it would be better to start WW III and kill all the people in the world rather than to admit Obama was wrong and follow the law.

      · in reply to PollenJesus (Show the comment)
    • Christopher Marlowe 1 hour ago
      The US is lying, lying, lying. Using top secret evidence to start a war is cause for suspicion, especially after the Iraq-WMD lie. And the Gulf of Tonkin lie.
      It would also be illegal for the US to make war on Syria because Syria has not attacked the US, nor is threatening attack. We are signatories to the UN Charter, which was ratified by 2/3 of the senate. The UN Charter is therefore US law, and it forbids use of force or even threats of force.

    • sozfan1 1 hour ago
      curious to know more about syria's monetary system.

    • 14nationalist88 1 hour ago
      I predict that the U.S will stand down and the Zionists will use Erdogans, Turkish Armed Forces, to invade Syria!

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