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    "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer" H.W. Rosenthal

    "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer”

    The above is an exact quote of Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former top Administrative Aide to the then Senator Jacob Javits, who was since defeated in the 1980 election.

    I, Walter White, Jr., for the past 17 years Director and Editor of the monthly conservative publication WESTERN FRONT, was told about Mr. Rosenthal's boastings around Washington, D.C., and I was encouraged to meet with him and to interview him (for a fee).

    Mr. Rosenthal had stated publicly that the Jews will completely dominate throughout the entire world -- and that they control every facet of political life in America and every aspect of the communication media. (Mr. R's emphasis).

    Eventually Mr. Rosenthal and l were brought together, at which time I interviewed him privately and taped said interview with Mr. Rosenthal's knowledge and consent. During the lengthy meeting Mr. Rosenthal became impatient, rude and vulgar (all of which is recorded on the tape) and he sought the balance of his fee before I had concluded my questioning.


    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    Prime Minister of Israel, Menachim Begin (left), in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, ‘Begin and the “Beasts”, New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

    Menachem Begin
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    Never heard of this clown

    Looks like dude from nfl network ads

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    Since the entire interview was so lengthy, in 1977 we released and published only the first portion under the same title as above "THE HIDDEN TYRANNY." Copies of this manuscript (Part I) have been sought by people from all around the globe. We now release the balance of the taped interview as Part Two. Although I do not wish to digress, an Eastern analyst has told me that "The Hidden Tyranny" manuscript (Part I) has had a pass-on readership of 3.5%. Thus, if true, the manuscript (Part I) has been read by more than 7 MILLION people. When this final portion (Part Two) begins circulating, its impact may be even greater. It depends upon you, the reader.

    Before any agreement was reached between us, I had established with Mr. Rosenthal that he would answer an unlimited number of questions with complete honesty and to the best of his ability. It was because of this understanding that I took issue with Mr. Rosenthal during the final stages of the interview and accused him of not being honest with me as it related to his response to my question: "Do you have knowledge of WHEN and WHY the story began about the Jews being God's chosen people?" That is when he said in part: "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

    As this goes to press, we still seek a governmental body to investigate Harold Rosenthal's allegations. My dictionary conveys such allegations as "TREASON."
    We now pick up after a dispute during which the tape recorder has been turned off.

    Obviously where the "W" appears, those are my words. Where the "R" appears, that indicates comment.

    "W". Mr. Rosenthal, when true history is permitted to be published at large -- when the truth actually surfaces -- what do you expect the people of the world will do to you Jews'?

    R. I thought we had concluded this interview.

    W. I'm concerned -- and this question seems to require your answer.

    R. We were all finished White, and now you start to pump me again. I've already given you the 'tables of stone' and yet you want more.

    R. Never mind -- you wouldn't understand anyway -- you Christians!!!

    W. So now you damn me because I'm a Christian. I thought we had tried to keep this on a business-like basis did we not?

    R. (Mumbled exclamation by Rosenthal!!)

    W. Whatever that is -- or means, you're using words I've never heard before. Are you speaking English?

    R. I said -------.

    W. Will you spell it?

    R. (Rosenthal spells M-I-S-C-H-N-A-H and briefly says it is from the basics of the Talmud). Mr. R. continues: Let's not dwell on this. We're not getting anywhere -- besides we had concluded things and that ends our agreement.

    W. Are you afraid to answer the question I posed?

    R. Who the hell do you think I am -- I'm not afraid to answer any question but I've given you enough information for a book.

    W. Did I not pay you as per our agreement?

    R. Yeah -- sure -- but again you're wanting more. All right, you want my opinion as to what the people of the world are going to think when history is written.

    W. Well, I didn't pose the question exactly like that, but go ahead.

    R. I don't give a damn what the people will think. Besides, whenever that happens you and I will be dead. Plain dead. Does that satisfy you?

    W. There are two or three questions among my notes here Mr. Rosenthal which have yet to be answered and one is quite important.

    R. What is that?

    W. The story about the six million Jews supposedly cremated or murdered by the Nazis.

    R. What about it?

    W. Do you know who or what Jewish organization created that big lie?

    R. No, I don't know anything about its authenticity. I don't think it's too important anyway.

    W. Mr. Rosenthal, you know better than that, What about the younger generation who is growing up believing this big lie? And you say it's not important!!

    R. It was an outgrowth of the war and we all know that Hitler hated the Jews so someone, somewhere, thought of exaggerating the number. We know that many, many Jews were killed by the Nazis.

    W. I'm sure you know that when World War II broke out there were less than a quarter of a million Jews in ALL of Germany. Many thousands had already left Germany.

    R. So what? As I said before, the Jewish people are the cleverest people in the world. So somebody thought up a big number and perhaps it grew until now the number of Jews killed is six million. We have control of the news media and that is the great difference. Otherwise your people could tell YOUR big lie.

    W. Go you brush it off that lightly. Something of such enormity...

    Mr. R. interrupted here saying -- My people have been taught to give consideration and attention to our teachers rather than to the words of your people and laws.

    W. You're living in America, Mr. Rosenthal, It is our duty to uphold the laws of our Country. Your religion teaches you that you may take an oath such as when being inducted into political office -- and if the oath displeases you, you can deny silently the fact you have taken that oath. Now I have copies of the Jewish document -- called the Kol Nidre and I have proven their authenticity. (The Kol Nidre ("all vows") is found in the Talmud book Nedarim (Vows), and is recited each year in the synagogue on the Day of Atonement It allows all future obligations. oaths or pledges a Jew may engage in to "be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect." This allows Jews to lie, subvert, cheat, etc.

    R. Well -- all Jews don't practice that oath business, I'm sure.

    W. But they do practice it, do they not -- with the Rabbi's approval.

    R. To some extent. Perhaps when it is helpful to the individual.

    W. Is that not sinful?

    R. Maybe to your way of thinking. I've told you -- you and I are different. We are different people. Our beliefs are entirely different. We have been raised that way for many centuries so it is not a sin for us to take any oath and break it. It's our teaching. (This point on the difference of character has been made by many other Jewish writers and statesmen, and is well supported in history and science. Yet, ironically, Christians continue to believe the Jewish lie that "we are all the same" or "equal.")

    W. I've possibly saved the most important question of all until now.

    R. Listen, White, if you're going on any further, my time is money. We made an agreement and you're extending it beyond reason. You have it all on tapes and remember that we agreed for you to take whatever you want from the tapes and your notes -- but no reproduction of the tapes under any circumstances. They are to be destroyed. If you violate this White, we'll cut your balls off.

    W. Who are WE?

    R. Just get smart and you'll find out. You don't want any trouble and I don't either. You keep our agreement and no one gets hurt!! Now give me the rest of my money. Okay?

    W. I intend to keep our agreement to the letter and you have my word of honor that these tapes will not go any further than my use in the preparation of the story. There is no misunderstanding. We agree on that and I'll keep my word. You'll get your money in a minute.

    R. I have friends White -- I know a lot of people and I don't want them to be reading things attributed to me that I didn't say. I don't give a damn what you or anybody else thinks -- but I don't want lies printed -- only the questions and answers of this interview.

    W. We understand each other perfectly in that regard, Mr. Rosenthal. Now, please, this question!!

    R. Shoot. But remember I need Las Vegas money.

    W. Surely you must know somewhere in your schooling, or you have some kind of personal feeling or understanding as to WHEN and WHY the story began that the Jews are God's Chosen People.

    R. We ARE God's chosen people.

    W. Do you really believe that Mr. Rosenthal?

    R. Maybe I can explain or perhaps Jake could give you a better answer...

    W. Who is Jake?

    R. Jake Javits -- you know, my associate. He's the man that I work for and he's a pretty smart guy. Plenty smart. His answer might serve your purpose for the story better.

    W. I want your answer!

    R. . . . You and we actually have a different God.

    W. Is that the answer to the Jews being God's chosen people?

    R. To our god we are chosen ones. We are taught that from our childhood.

    W. That is an evasive answer. You know what I mean when I pose such a question and I don't believe your reply or your explanation.

    R. Okay. I don't give a damn what you believe.

    W. Do your people believe that Jesus Christ was a Jew?

    R. Hell! We're not going back to that again are we? We've already gone over that.

    W. That was before the tape machine was ever turned on. I don't think we recorded your reply to this question.

    R. Well, I can't answer for all Jews. I guess you're asking what Jews throughout the world believe?


    R. Jake could answer that better than I.

    W. Please, I don't want Senator Javits' answer to anything. I want your answer.

    R. White, I know what you're searching for. I've known from the beginning but that's all right. You and we are so apart. You're another breed. You're not our kind. It's not secret that we do not respect you, and of your kind. (Genesis 3:15).

    W. Are you referring to just our kind as 'Christians'?

    R. No, you gentiles -- all of you are our enemies. When I was a little boy, just a kid, very young, we were taught very wisely. Many centuries ago when the Jews were persecuted in almost every country and driven out of so many countries -- some of the governments, I cannot remember exactly whether it was the government of France or Spain. Anyway, the government demanded that the Jews must become Christians or be expelled from the country.

    W. Yes, I recall reading of this many times.

    R. Was it France or Spain.

    W. Possibly both but I vividly remember the story of Queen Isabella of Spain -- how patient she was with the Jews -- always giving them the benefit of doubt -- until such time as her eyes were opened completely to the deceptions of the Jews. But please go on.

    R. Anyway, the Jews at that time had a very wise Rabbi leader, a world leader, and his advice was respected throughout the world. He said that the Jews must pretend to become Christians and bide their time and make real sacrifices if necessary. We have always been ready to sacrifice a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership. (This was the plan of the Jews who instigated WW II. Some Jews were sacrificed so that the "persecution" propaganda could continue.) It is a small price and there is nothing wrong with that. I was taught that we Jews must become lawyers so we could control and strangle the courts, and even the judges, unless they were Jews. We should become doctors and teachers and leaders in all the churches -- and this goal has almost been fully accomplished.

    I said it before and I'll say it now -- that we will have complete, I say complete control, throughout the entire world possibly before I die. We are very successful in keeping you gentiles confused. We create confusion. (The word Babylon in Hebrew is Babel and means confusion. The Jews are masters at confusion because they are the ringleaders of the system known as "Mystery Babylon.") You're not stupid White. You know that the Jews are successful because of our unity. We die for one another if necessary. We generously finance our own, so it is understandable how we govern not only in this country. We direct American foreign affairs. We are the super government of the world. Is that enough?

    W. Go on. I find what you are saying most interesting. Please go on.

    R. We are the most powerful international body of people in the world! Do you believe that?

    W. You speak with such confidence that I . . .

    Mr. R. interrupted -- We can destroy any country's economy without their even being aware of it -- if we want to. I think this is what you want to hear. (Most Americans are totally unaware that by the Federal Reserve system their money has been stolen and the economy debauched.)

    W. I'm expecting you to be truthful with me Mr. Rosenthal.

    R. Well, it's true. We're smart -- we are powerful and at the proper time we will mix up your gentile women with the Blacks and in 50 years you'll be all mixed up. Niggers love to s---w your white women and we encourage it by using them to our advantage.

    W. I recall your saying that the Blacks serve a purpose.

    R. Yes, we will use them to a great advantage. (It was primarily by Jewish merchant ships and Jewish-run slave auctions that the blacks got to America.)

    W. And try to destroy them after you have used them I presume?

    R. If necessary. Yes! You and I know they're inferior people, a dumb race, but can be useful with the use of money. I mean real big money. Niggers will do anything for money. So, when the time comes -- and you might even live to see it -- we will have that complete control while you stupid Christians are waiting for your Christ, the impostor, to return as your savior.

    W. You sound bitter.

    R. Not at all. Why should I be bitter? We are on top!!

    W. And when this whole sordid story becomes known, the result will be an aroused citizenry -- an angry citizenry who will want to destroy you.

    R. How? I ask you how? YOU can't reach the people. We have it all under such control that no one -- no one or no-body can people unless it is done through our media control. (Who has had control of the mass media in the 20th century? -- Chairman of ABC pp Leonard Goldenson, President of CBS -- James H. Rosenfield, Chairman of RCS -- David Sarnoff, Chief Executive of NBC -- Fred Silverman, President of PBS -- Lawrence Grossman, Chairman of Time -- Arthur Heiskell, Editor of U.S. News & World Report -- Marvin Stone, Chief Executive of Dow Jones -- Warren H. Phillips, Editor of Newsweek -- Lester Bernstein, President of TV Guide -- Walter Annenberg, President of New York Times -- Sulzberger family, TV program producer -- Norman Lear -- these and more all are Jews!!) We have it sewed up!! We have infected your churches completely and we now control the school system in the United States. It is a reality that we have complete control of organized Christianity. Almost anywhere -- completely.

    W. I find so many things you say to be repulsive. The way you say things . . .

    R. It's what you wanted to hear or you wouldn't have paid good money for this interview.

    W. So long as you are truthful with me -- but you still haven't answered that question I posed long back -- do you believe that Jesus Christ was a Jew?

    R. As I said, Jake could give you a really intelligent answer. I know that most of our friends, kids and people I grew up with -- in fact all of our friends -- I'd say all of them, don't believe Christ was a Jew. He was an impostor and millions of people all over the world now believe that Christianity was founded on untruth and deliberate incorrect translations of your Bible. Christ was a fraud. Even the National Council of Churches agree that there were false translations of the book your people respect. It's built on lies. (This comment can hardly be regarded as coming from a true Christian source since the National Council of Churches was organized by Jews and its theology is controlled by them.)

    W. According to the latest scholarly research, your ancestors are not Israelites but Mongolians and Asiatics from Eastern Europe and Western Asia, so your ancestors were thousands of miles from the Holy Land. They never, ever saw the Holy Land -- proving that your people were not the chosen people of God.

    R. So what? What difference does it make?

    W. We have been taught the big lie for many years that Jews are God's Chosen people, so it does make a difference. A very grave difference.

    R. What grave difference?

    W. Does it not prove that the great majority of Jews today are Khazar in origin. Your ancestors never trod the lands where Christ walked. They never knew Jerusalem and Palestine so how could . . . (Mr. R. interrupted)

    R. (shouting) What the hell difference does it make now?

    W. I find so many things that you have said as being repulsive and your arrogant manner in boasting, as it were, to admittedly being a part of this gigantic . . . this heinous plot against mankind -- and at times, you attempt to brush things off by saying 'what difference does it make'. So much of what you have admitted staggers me, in fact, I lack the words . . . (Mr. R. interrupts here).

    R. That's because you're a gentile. You don't understand. You never will! Until it's too late and my hope, personally, is that the American people do not... (Mr. R. paused here).

    W. There is so much of what you have said, that as an individual, people may not believe you -- they may not believe this interview...(Mr. R. interrupts).

    R. That is why we have the control today. One of the reasons. Your people did not believe that it was possible for any people or race to accomplish what we have within a couple of hundred years. The gentile is stupid. WE are intelligent. I am going to be a very important person in and around Washington and soon. I intend to become nationally prominent. You are going to hear and read about me in the future. I'm young and have had the guts to tell you more than any other Jew would ever dare to tell you -- at least publicly. I've stuck my neck out White. Some of what I have told you is part of the inner, invisible world of Jewry.

    W. Looking at you now as I denote your change, I see you as a despicable bastard -- all of you . . . (Mr. R. interrupts).

    R. No one calls me a bastard and gets away with it!!

    W. You are all contemptible, base and detestable ---

    R. I'll knock your God damn head off if you call me a bastard . . .

    W. I wouldn't try it if I were you. I too have friends, many of them would like a chance to get to you so let's keep this on a formal basis as it was intended at the beginning. (Mr. R. then said something which I asked him to spell. He spelled O-Y V-A-Y, Oy Vay, and added oy vay iz mir, and when asked what it meant he said I would not understand, but I am including it here because it is on the tape.

    W. Many times when referring to a person being a Jew, I have heard it said, 'Well, I understand he is a ####ian or a Catholic.' So, I would like your opinion or explanation. How do Jews feel about another Jew who becomes a Christian Scientist or converts to any other religion? Is he or she no longer a Jew?

    R. That can best be answered -- well let me put it this way. I don't know what your mother and father were -- what nationality I mean . . .

    W. My father was British -- English, and my mother was German.

    R. Well, if you decided to study Zionism or the Talmud or actually wanted to become converted and attended the synagogue would that erase your English or German heritage?

    W. Of course not -- but I wanted to hear it from a learned Jew. What you have said then is that he or she is always a Jew.

    R. It's stupid -- stupid. We are what we are! No matter what we join or adopt it doesn't change what we ARE. I am a Jew and nothing can change me because I take up another religion. Such stupidity! (This concept is verified in Scripture by the rhetorical question: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" And in the parable of the Tares and the Wheat we find that the Tares (the children of the wicked) are utterly destroyed. None are saved from the destroying fire, none are converted into Wheat. God is not going to change the tares into something they never were.)

    W. But the Jews are a great part of this deceit.

    R. We have a talent for confusing your issues.

    W. You are masters of deceit and this cunning practice of yours has allowed your people to infiltrate the governments throughout the world.

    R. Why not? Why shouldn't we take over the banks, the universities, the church and the government if the gentiles are not intelligent enough to run them? I could not have talked this way a few years ago but now it is different. There is nothing to undo our strategy in the world today so I can speak much more freely. What I've disclosed may help other Jews to speak out if they have any guts. We are not a pusillanimous race.

    W. You're very sure of yourself and your people aren't you?

    R. We may be divided in many things, but nothing ever actually separates us.

    W. Who is WE?

    R. My people, the Jews are 'as one' when it counts most. No incident can ever divide us. (Down throughout the centuries Jews have learned they cannot trust other people. Thus, the Jewish racial bond is their greatest bond.)

    W. I have heard Jews fight each other with venom!

    R. Ahh, that's entirely different. Sure we will fight one another but as I say, when it counts most we're 'as one'. Our forte White is division and duplicity. It is an infallible weapon and we are skillful -- perhaps perfectionists in its application. You don't have the intelligence to compete.

    W. But we have a culture that you Jews will never understand or equal.

    R. Jews have a family life. Our culture requires a high standard in education. We establish standards so that our kids exceed that of their parents. Our people continue to show a dramatic educational advancement. Our kids' success doesn't depend entirely on schools but on the family and we are damn proud of these accomplishments. You can't compete! More than 12,000 doctors are graduated from medical schools in the United States every year and almost 10,000 of them are Jews. Among the law students the Jewish percentage is even higher. Jews are on such a solid foundation here in the United States that any kind of opposition to our control would only be temporary. You know we laugh about the, six million story just like the story that Christ was a Jew and the God's Chosen People story. This should show people that we have a solidarity like none other in the world. Jews have a closeness to other Jews whom they have never seen or perhaps even heard of. (As it is said -"Blood is thicker than water.")

    W. Mr. Rosenthal, I hope you haven't lied to me in any of this interview because if you did we could retaliate on you. Understand?

    R. What I have told you is true -- ALL of it. I don't need to lie.

    W. I have found the Jews' passion is greed, profit and the destruction of Christianity. Am I correct?

    R. I cannot speak for all Jews.

    W. I'm speaking of the great majority of Jews. Am I right?

    R. Maybe most Jews feel that way -- but there's nothing wrong with that!!

    W. I think you just go on and on because there is a bitterness within you and perhaps you say things that even you do not believe. Some of the things you say are almost unbelievable.

    R. Well I don't give a good God damn what you believe. I've given you honest answers and opinions. Now no more questions. And don't forget our agreement -- if I learn that the tapes are used other than what we agreed upon you will suffer serious consequences. Do you understand?

    W. I understand. And now Mr. Rosenthal, here is the balance of the money agreed upon for this interview.

    -- FINIS --

    Dear reader -- after the tape machine had been turned off, I accused Harold Rosenthal of not living up to our agreement in replying truthfully to my question as to the Jews being God's Chosen people. He replied:

    "We are god's chosen people . . . Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

    I was stunned. I had no further comment. I had watched this arrogant, boastful person change at times like a chameleon that changes its color. Many times he showed a hatred -- yes, even a venom. At the conclusion I felt unclean being around him.

    The Hidden Tyranny Has Been Revealed

    Much of what Harold Wallace Rosenthal said brought to the surface a reality we veterans have known all along -- but this "Jewish" treachery is more shocking when getting it all in one package.

    It has been alleged that Harold Rosenthal was killed because he talked too much so it is understandable, if true, inasmuch as he made such shocking statements almost seven years ago that we now see as a reality. As an example we cite the staggering exploitation of the Negro and the Black presence everywhere today. We minimized Mr. R's boastings of their control of our churches. Unbelievable then. Now, in the Fall of 1983 it is a reality that the "Supreme Court sanctions IRS approved State Churches."

    When Rosenthal made such statements about church control we felt that he was bragging, but the present-day persecution of the church and its ministries here in America by the government is today a FACT. If you were told that a sheriff and three deputies would wait in the darkness of midnight to arrest a Pastor, one Everett Sileven, in Omaha, Nebraska, because he intended to resume the daily educational ministry in Faith Baptist Church in Louisville -- you would not have believed it six years ago. Today, however, it is just another bizarre episode in one of the most incredible stories in American history. Organized Jewry is determined and the 'Final Oppression of Christianity via Taxation and Regulation is now FACT'.

    The enemy is not coming. The enemy is here. War has been declared on Christianity, churches, religious freedoms, the true American Way, and the white race. Are other freedoms worth standing for; living for; fighting for; dying for? If so, let's stand up and be seen and speak up and be heard. The time to fight for freedom is while we still have the freedom to do so. Christians are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Salt and light are dominion qualities. It is time for Christians to exercise Godly dominion -- and if by the instrument of governmental authority a people is being driven to its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right but the duty of every member of that people.

    The hot blood which stood us at Concord still flows in our veins! We need true Americans for the defense of America against Jewish tyranny and there are millions of freedom-loving, red-blooded Americans out there waiting to be told. So let us ally ourselves together in the refusal to permit those alien devils from ruining our once great nation.

    When the American people really discover and realize what the unspeakable Jew has perpetrated, their wrath will know no bounds, and the gutters will run deep with blood.

    See part one of this interview and Henry Makow's commentary on it.


    In case your wondering why you have never hear of Harold Wallace Rosenthal, he was killed, a month after giving this recorded interview, in an alleged sky-jacking attempt on an Israeli airliner in Istanbul, Turkey, August 12, 1976.

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    Igorance at its best

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    Sure pal and Obama is our messiah.....GTFO here

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    If you worship ANY religion, you're sucking satan's kok.

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    Disraeli portrays the jews

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    ISRAELI ZIONISTS -- "so-called" JEWS
    Excerpted from a speech by Former Jew Benjamin H. Freedman

    The eastern European Jews, who form 92 per cent of the...people who call themselves Jews, were originally KHAZARS... a warlike tribe who...were so warlike that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into eastern Europe. They set up a large Khazar kingdom of 800,000 square miles. At the time, Russia did not exist, nor did many other European countries. The Khazar kingdom was the biggest in all Europe -- so big and powerful that when the other monarchs went to war, the Khazars would lend them 40,000 soldiers...

    They were phallic worshippers [and] the Khazar king became so disgusted with the degeneracy of his kingdom that he decided to adopt a monotheistic faith -- ...Christianity, Islam, or what is known today as Judaism [but is really Talmudism]. By spinning a top and saying "eeny, meeny, miney, moe," he picked out so-called Judaism. And that became the state religion. He sent down to the Talmudic schools...[for]...1000s of rabbis, opened synagogues and schools, and his people became what we call Jews [around 740 AD].
    <center>NOT ONE OF THEM EVER HAD AN ANCESTOR IN THE HOLY LAND</center>and yet they come to the Christians for support of armed insurrections in Palestine saying, "Don't you want to repatriate God's Chosen People to their Promised Land...? -- IT'S YOUR CHRISTIAN DUTY! We gave you one of our boys as your Lord and Savior. You go to church...and you kneel and
    <center>YOU WORSHIP A JEW, AND WE'RE JEWS."</center>
    <center>BUT THEY ARE PAGAN KHAZARS...</center>who simply converted [to Talmudic Judaism]...like the Irish converted [to Catholicism]. It is as ridiculous to call them "people of the Holy Land," as it would be to call the 54 million Chinese Moslems "Arabs"... All they did was adopt as a religious faith a belief that had its origin in Mecca, in Arabia. The same as the Irish. When the Irish became Christians, nobody dumped them in the ocean and imported them to the Holy Land... They still lived in Ireland -- all they had done was to accept Christianity as their religious faith.

    These Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns, were a Mongoloid race who were forced out of Asia into eastern Europe. Because their king took the Talmudic faith, they had no choice in the matter. Just the same as in Spain: If the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So the Khazars became what we call today Jews. Now imagine how silly it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say, "We're going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God's Chosen People to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land."
    Because they control the newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, book publishing businesses, and because they have the ministers...and the politicians...talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that obvious lie.
    <center>You'd believe black is white if you heard it often enough.</center><center></center>


    Deir Yassin/1948 - 250 men, women, children, and the elderly were slaughtered with machine guns, grenades, and knives. Some were decapitated. 52 children were killed and mutilated in front of their mothers. The wombs of 25 pregnant women were cut open and their babies cut to pieces in front of them as they, themselves, were dying. Survivors were then loaded onto trucks like cattle, taken to Jerusalem, and paraded to Jewish mobs lining both sides of the streets. The Jewish mob spit and threw garbage, rocks, manure, shoes (and anything else they could get their hands on) at the frightened, "shocked-and-awed" Deir Yassin survivors -- all in the name of PALESTINIAN REDEMPTION.
    _________________________<center></center>Menachem Begin -- former Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize recipient -- was the father and planner of the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin. Afterwards, he issued a statement congratulating the "Jewish murderers" on their HOLY HANDIWORK:

    • Accept my congratulations on this splendid act of conquest... We shake your hands. We are all proud of the excellent leadership and the fighting spirit in this great attack. Tell the soldiers: You have made history in Israel with your attack and your conquest. Continue this until victory. As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy. God, God,
      <center>THOU HAST CHOSEN US FOR CONQUEST.</center>

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    The Synagoge of Satan

    Link Not Working - Removed-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingillini View Post
    Igorance at its best
    says the jew that idolizes richard ramirez

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    pronk, cliff notes?

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    Stormfront SBR

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    The author of the article is ignorant since Jews don't recognize 'Lucifer' as Christians see him as 'the Devil'

    Same as Jesus, some see him as a divine being but we just know him as a good woodworker with a good scam

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    not sure why certain people like posting religon, racial, or politics all the time

    odd and a huge waste of time
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5mike5 View Post
    dont sure why certain people like posting religon, racial, or politics all the time

    odd and a huge waste of time

    The OP is obsessed with religious bullshit. This is a gambling forum. This crap shouldn't be here to begin with.

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    why hasn't this worthless troll, child molesting f#g, been banned already? Mods?

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    British link to 'snuff' videosJason Burke in London, Amelia Gentleman in Moscow, Philip Willan in Rome
    Observer - Sunday October 1, 2000
    Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile 'snuff' movies - in which children are murdered on film - an Observer investigation can reveal.
    The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles.
    Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia.
    Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings.
    British authorities yesterday confirmed that scores of Kuznetsov's videos, produced in his small flat in Moscow's rundown Vykhino district, have been found in the UK. They are concerned that 'snuff' movies in which children are killed may have also been imported.
    Around a dozen British men have already been arrested and charged with offences alleged to be connected to the Russian tapes. A second Russian child porn ring, which allegedly had a British distributor, was broken up earlier this year. The investigation into the importing of violent Russian child porn which led to the identification and subsequent imprisonment of Kuznetsov started about 15 months ago after Customs seized material coming into the country. Since then there have been dozens of other finds.
    'We have seen some very, very nasty stuff involving sadistic abuse of very young children, but actual deaths on film takes it a whole step further. That is very worrying,' said one senior customs officer this weekend.
    British paedophiles were paying between 50 and 100 for Kuznetsov's tapes, the officer said. Further fees were paid for access to a website that features pictures of extremely violent abuse.
    Though two men arrested with Kuznetsov have also been imprisoned by Moscow authorities, only one of the three remains behind bars. Dmitri Ivanov was sentenced to 11 years for actually participating in the abuse that was being filmed. The others were released under an amnesty aimed at clearing Russia's overcrowded prisons.
    When officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department raided Kuznetsov's flat they found two boys in a makeshift studio. They seized a huge quantity of films and other pornographic material as well as lists of clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain.
    Last week Italian detectives moved in, following months of inquiries, and arrested eight people. The police searched more than 600 homes and say they now have evidence against about 500 people. Among the suspects were businessmen, public employees and a university student. Several of them were married, with children of their own. Hundreds of people are also under investigation in Germany.
    The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between 300 and 4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered.
    Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died.
    Police in Russia and the UK believe that Kuznetsov and his associates have been in business for more than two years in which time they are believed to have recruited around 100 boys - aged between nine and 15 - to be filmed.
    'Most of the children were rounded up from railway stations. A lot of them came from the suburbs, or surrounding regions and were from deprived, problem families,' said Kiril Mazurin, a police spokesman.
    'Usually when children like this arrive in the capital, they've got no idea where to go and hang around in the station. It's very easy to entice this kind of teenager - with a promise of a warm bed or a trip to the cinema.'
    Many were lured away from orphanages. 'Children are not locked in,' said Mazurin. 'Anyone can come along and promise them a meal at McDonalds. It doesn't take any more than that."
    Some children were paid a commission to find other boys willing to be filmed, according to reports in the Russian press, for a fee of between 100 and 300 roubles (2.50 - 7).
    Kuznetsov had given up his job in 1998 to devote himself to the lucrative pornography industry. A self-taught computer expert, he was in the process of upgrading his equipment to allow him to e-mail videos directly to clients when police raided him.
    Many customers repeatedly ordered videos from him. The Naples newspaper Il Mattino published a transcript of an alleged email exchange between a prospective client and the Russian vendors.
    'Promise me you're not ripping me off,' says the Italian.
    'Relax, I can assure you this one really dies,' the Russian responds.
    'The last time I paid and I didn't get what I wanted.'
    'What do you want?'
    'To see them die.'

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    richard is a hero to all and should be respected.. A lot of us that grew up in So Cal looked up to Richard, he was a hero to us... Had lots of people locking their windows and doors but he was well respected.

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    Pronk there isn't a single religion, race, or anything who doesn't have bad apples pal. Just saying that as a Jewish dude I don't recognize the whole lucifer devil horned monster sitting in a fire collecting souls who didn't get dunked in the water and accept a zombie Jew as their messiah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itchypickle View Post
    Pronk there isn't a single religion, race, or anything who doesn't have bad apples pal. Just saying that as a Jewish dude I don't recognize the whole lucifer devil horned monster sitting in a fire collecting souls who didn't get dunked in the water and accept a zombie Jew as their messiah.
    IP, REAL JEWS are God's people and i hope you're one of them but i HATE phony khazar converts (92% of current jewish population) who call themselves "jews".

    " I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9

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    Anyone who cares about religion is a brainwashed retard. That's as nice as I can put it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingillini View Post
    richard is a hero to all and should be respected.. A lot of us that grew up in So Cal looked up to Richard, he was a hero to us... Had lots of people locking their windows and doors but he was well respected.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingillini View Post
    richard is a hero to all and should be respected.. A lot of us that grew up in So Cal looked up to Richard, he was a hero to us... Had lots of people locking their windows and doors but he was well respected.
    you're an absolute idiot.....whether or not u are serious or not. I'd beat your ass if you said that to my face....meet me somewhere, and take your weak ass dick suckin Satan with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRifleman View Post
    you're an absolute idiot.....whether or not u are serious or not. I'd beat your ass if you said that to my face....meet me somewhere, and take your weak ass dick suckin Satan with you.
    Come to Ashdod or Tel Aviv pussy and try , I hope Richard did something to a loved one of yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingillini View Post
    Come to Ashdod or Tel Aviv pussy and try , I hope Richard did something to a loved one of yours.

    Why should he be respected and why is he your hero?

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    Seriously this is ridiculous, look religion isnt something to analyze like this in such an ignorant way. The most important and most of why people follow religion is to lead a good life and have something stronger than themselves to turn to when things go bad. Most religions teach morals, stories, parables etc are used as tools to teach lessons. Yes there are bad people in this world along with the good. With it come organizations that try and dissect holy writings to use it for hatred, greed etc like muslim extremists for one. The Quaran has similar moral teachings/stories to the bible but they take parts totally out of context and teach it to totally ignorant people to carry out the leaders evil. Point is dont get caught up in this fuked bullsht like they want u to and understand what religion is for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drc6491 View Post
    Most religions teach morals, stories, parables etc are used as tools to teach lessons.
    Ahh, morals... Let's take a closer look what demonic talmud teaches about that:

    Maimonides says, "Do not have pity for them (Christians). Show no mercy unto them (Christians). Therefore, if you see one in difficulty of drowning, do not go to his help... it is right to kill him by your own hand by shoving him into a well or in some other way." Hilkoth Akrum, X, 1

    "Death of Gentiles by beheading is especially recommended." Pesachim, 49b.

    Hilkhoth Maakhaloth -- Christians are idolators, must not associate.

    Abhodah Zarah (25b). -- Beware of Christians when walking abroad with them.

    Orach Chaiim (20, 2). -- Christians disguise themselves to kill Jews.

    Abhodah Zarah (15b) -- Suggest Christians have sex relations with animals.

    Abhodah Zarah (22a) -- Suspect Christians of intercourse with animals.

    Iore Dea (198, 48). -- Clean female Jews contaminated meeting Christians.

    Kerithuth (6b p. 78) -- Jews called men, Christians not called men.

    Makkoth (7b) -- Innocent of murder if intent was to kill Christian.

    Orach Chaiim(225, 10) -- Christians and animals grouped for comparisons.

    Midrasch Talpioth 225 -- Christians created to minister to Jews always.

    Orach Chaiim 57, 6a -- Christians to be pitied more than sick pigs.

    Zohar II (64b) -- Christian idolators likened to cows and asses.

    Kethuboth (110b). -- Psalmist compares Christians to unclean beasts.

    Sanhedrin (74b). Tos. -- Sexual intercourse of Christian like that of beast.

    Kethuboth (3b) -- The seed of Christian is valued as seed of beast.

    Kidduschim (68a) -- Christians like the people of an ass.

    Eben Haezar (44,8) -- Marriages between Christian and Jews null.

    Zohar (II, 64b) -- Christian birth rate must be diminished materially.

    Zohar (I, 131a) -- Idolatrous people (Christians) befoul the world.

    Zohar (I, 28b) -- Christian idolators children of Eve's serpent.

    Emek Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews' souls come from death and death's shadow.

    Zohar (I, 46b, 47a) -- Souls of gentiles have unclean divine origins.

    Rosch Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews souls go down to hell.

    Iore Dea (337, 1). -- Replace dead Christians like lost cow or ass.

    Chullin (91b) -- Jews possess dignity even an angel cannot share.

    Sanhedrin, 58b -- To strike Israelite like slapping face of God.

    Chagigah, 15b -- A Jew considered good in spite of sins he commits.

    Gittin (62a) -- Jew stay away from Christian homes on holidays.

    Choschen Ham. (26,1) -- Jew must not sue before a Christian judge or laws.

    Choschen Ham (34,19) -- Christian or servant cannot become witnesses.

    Iore Dea (112, 1). -- Avoid eating with Christians, breeds familiarity.

    Abhodah Zarah (35b) -- Do not drink milk from a cow milked by Christian.
    Iore dea (178, 1) -- Never imitate customs of Christians, even hair-comb.

    Abhodah Zarah (72b) -- Wine touched by Christians must be thrown away.

    Iore Dea (120, 1) -- Bought-dishes from Christians must be thrown away.

    Abhodah Zarah (2a) -- For three days before Christian festivals, avoid all.

    Abhodah Zarah (78c) -- Festivals of followers of Jesus regarded as idolatry.

    Iore Dea (139, 1) -- Avoid things used by Christians in their worship.

    Abhodah Zarah (14b) -- Forbidden to sell Christians articles for worship.

    Iore Dea (151,1) H. -- Do not sell water to Christians articles for baptisms.

    Abhodah Zarah (2a, 1) -- Do not trade with Christians on their feast days.

    Abhodah Zarah (1,2) -- Now permitted to trade with Christians on such days.

    Abhodah Zarah (2aT) -- Trade with Christians because they have money to pay.
    Iore Dea (148, 5) -- If Christian is not devout, may send him gifts.
    Hilkoth Akum (IX,2) -- Send gifts to Christians only if they are irreligious.
    Iore Dea (81,7 Ha) -- Christian wet-nurses to be avoided because dangerous.
    Iore Dea (153, 1 H) -- Christian nurse will lead children to heresy.
    Iore Dea (155,1). -- Avoid Christian doctors not well known to neighbors.
    Peaschim (25a) -- Avoid medical help from idolators, Christians meant.
    Iore Dea (156,1) -- Avoid Christian barbers unless escorted by Jews.
    Abhodah Zarah (26a). -- Avoid Christian midwives as dangerous when alone.
    Zohar (1,25b) -- Those who do good to Christians never rise when dead.
    Hilkoth Akum (X,6) -- Help needy Christians if it will promote peace.
    Iore Dea (148, 12H) -- Hide hatred for Christians at their celebrations.
    Abhodah Zarah (20a) -- Never praise Christians lest it be believed true.
    Iore Dea (151,14) -- Not allowed to praise Christians to add to glory.
    Hilkoth Akum (V, 12) -- Quote Scriptures to forbid mention of Christian god.
    Iore Dea (146, 15) -- Refer to Christian religious articles with contempt.
    Iore Dea (147,5) -- Deride Christian religious articles without wishes.
    Hilkoth Akum (X,5) -- No gifts to Christians, gifts to converts.
    Iore Dea (151,11) -- Gifts forbidden to Christians, encourages friendship.
    Iore Dea (335,43) -- Exile for that Jew who sells farm to Christian.
    Iore Dea (154,2) -- Forbidden to teach a trade to a Christian
    Babha Bathra (54b) -- Christian property belongs to first person claiming.
    Choschen Ham(183,7) -- Keep what Christian overpays in error.
    Choschen Ham(226,1) -- Jew may keep lost property of Christian found by Jew.
    Babha Kama (113b) -- It is permitted to deceive Christians.
    Choschen Ham(183,7) -- Jews must divide what they overcharge Christians.
    Choschen Ham(156,5) -- Jews must not take Christian customers from Jews.
    Iore Dea (157,2) H -- May deceive Christians that believe Christian tenets.
    Abhodah Zarah (54a) --Usury may be practiced upon Christians or apostates.
    Iore Dea (159,1) -- Usury permitted now for any reason to Christians.
    Babha Kama (113a) -- Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian.
    Babha Kama (113b) -- Name of God not profaned when lying to Christians.
    Kallah (1b, p.18) -- Jew may perjure himself with a clear conscience.
    Schabbouth Hag. (6d). -- Jews may swear falsely by use of subterfuge wording.
    Zohar (1,160a). -- Jews must always try to deceive Christians.
    Iore Dea (158,1) -- Do not cure Christians unless it makes enemies.
    Orach Cahiim (330,2) -- Do not assist Christian's childbirth on Saturday.
    Choschen Ham.(425,5) -- Unless believes in Torah do not prevent his death.
    Iore Dea (158,1) -- Christians not enemies must not be saved either.
    Hilkkoth Akum (X,1) -- Do not save Christians in danger of death.
    Choschen Ham(386,10) -- A spy may be killed even before he confesses.
    Abhodah Zorah (26b) -- Apostates to be thrown into well, not rescued.
    Choschen Ham(388,15) -- Kill those who give Israelites' money to Christians
    Sanhedrin (59a) -- `Prying into Jews' "Law" to get death penalty
    Hilkhoth Akum(X,2) -- Baptized Jews are to be put to death
    Iore Dea(158,2)Hag. -- Kill renegades who turn to Christian rituals.
    Choschen Ham(425,5) -- Those who do not believe in Torah are to be killed.
    Hilkhoth tesch.III,8 -- Christians and others deny the "Law" of the Torah.
    Zohar (I,25a) -- Christians are to be destroyed as idolators.
    Zohar (II,19a) -- Captivity of Jews end when Christian princes die.
    Zohar (I,219b) -- Princes of Christians are idolators, must die.
    Obadiam -- When Rome is destroyed, Israel will be redeemed.
    Abhodah Zarah(26b) T. -- "Even the best of the Goim should be killed."
    Sepher Or Israel 177b -- If Jew kills Christian commits no sin.
    Ialkut Simoni (245c) -- Shedding blood of impious offers sacrifice to God.
    Zohar (II, 43a) -- Extermination of Christians necessary sacrifice.
    Zohar (L,28b,39a) -- High place in heaven for those who kill idolators.
    Hilkhoth Akum(X,1) -- Make no agreements and show no mercy to Christians
    Hilkhoth Akum (X,1) -- Either turn them away from their idols or kill.
    Hilkhoth Akum (X,7) -- Allow no idolators to remain where Jews are strong.
    Choschen Ham(388,16) -- All contribute to expense of killing traitor.
    Pesachim (49b) -- No need of prayers while beheading on Sabbath.
    Schabbath (118a). -- Prayers to save from punishment of coming Messiah.

    Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.
    Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.
    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).
    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.
    Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

    Baba Mezia 59b. A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

    Menahoth 43b-44a. A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.

    Hagigah 27a. States that no rabbi can ever go to hell.

    Let's take a look what talmud says about Jesus:

    Mary, was a harlot. (Mishna Yebamoth 4,13)
    Kallah, 1b. (18b) -- Illegitimate and conceived during menstruation.
    Sanhedrin, 67a -- Hanged on the eve of Passover. Toldath Jeschu. Birth related in most shameful expressions
    Abhodah Zarah II -- Referred to as the son of Pandira, a Roman soldier.
    Schabbath, 104b -- Called a fool and no one pays attention to fools.
    Zohar III, (282) -- Died like a beast and buried in animal's dirt heap.

    He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).
    He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).
    He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures that involved cutting his flesh, which is also explicitly banned in the Bible (Shabbos 104b).
    Jesus practiced black arts of magic. (Sanhedrin 1076)
    Jesus is now suffering eternal punishment in a boiling vat of filthy excrement. (Mishna Sanhedrin X, 2)

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    dude you are such a blind brainwashed sheep, its sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by drc6491 View Post
    dude you are such a blind brainwashed sheep, its sad
    Au contraire mon frere. Go on with your rat race pal.

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    pronk, sorry I try my best to find the good in people. I just read through these manuscripts , it shows man can look and review history and make assumptions. I enter your name in my prayers.