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    It takes a personal fortitude to admit you are wrong..

    Every person who voted for Biden is afraid to admit their mistake.!. They are afraid of what others will think of them.. Only 42% of those who voted for the “idiot in charge” would vote for him today… That number shrinks more every day..

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    This is fake news!! Trump has just said he won all 50 states!! Why is biden in there!! Get to the polls and tell them you want to vote again!! How are you letting biden be president!! We the cult members know who the goat is!!

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    Trump Lost Idiot!
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    Slewtard posting into the void with gibberish

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    Breaking news just reported after all the recounts They found all those votes that were stolen by Biden and Trump belong to Kanye West You will be blown away from all the evidence that's coming out next week then next month then next year then the year after that poor poor Kanye no other candidate in history has very been treated this bad by all the media it truly is the big steal the big lie!! It was rigged you will see the Arizona audit they just finished confirms that he won by millions of votes but none of the media will cover it!! Texas is next then to Florida and Georgia it the biggest injustice in a thousand years!