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    SBR's NCAA Tournament Experts Rip President Obama's Bracket

    Funny piece went up on SBR Picks about President Obama's NCAA Bracket.

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    Who the hell wrote that?

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    Where is Meg?

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    What else is new............The president didn't eat all of his dinner. News flash at 11!

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    SBR "Tournament Expert". SBR has a basketball analyst who provides "insight" only at tournament time? I did not know that. The President does what millions of other Americans do each season. He fills out a bracket and posts it BEFORE the tournament. And like every other person in America he is wrong about his picks. The difference is that he probably never watches an entire college game during the season......ever, for obvious reasons. I would be willing to wager that bin laden wishes Obama hedged his bets. I prefer my president to know something about things that matter as opposed to "Bracketology". With several 14 seed upsets my guess is alot of people are denying they even filled out a bracket.