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    SBR Poker shows up in a big tournament .....

    The worst hand of poker improbably took down pocket aces in a super-lucky World Series of Poker moment

    The 2021 World Series of Poker is currently taking place in Las Vegas, and here’s a hand you need to see to show how lucky one player was.

    As you might know, the best hand in Hold ‘Em — this was the final table at the $3,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em tourney — is pocket aces. The worst? A 2-7.

    Here, we have Brandon Caputo, who has a pair of aces with 1.8 million in chips, which at this point at the final table wasn’t much. But he wanted to get as much value for his aces as possible, so he called the big blind.

    Harvey Mathews (over nine million in chips) had the 2-7, except — and this is important — they were suited diamonds. He was the big blind, so he simply checked.

    The flop was 10-2-3, with the 3 of diamonds showing up. Caputo bet 160,000 and Mathews called with his pair of 2s.

    The turn? The 8 of diamonds. Uh-oh. The flush draw was in play. But Caputo bet 300,000 and Mathews thought about it for a while before going all in, which Caputo called.

    Guess what came out on the river? Yep. A diamond, specifically the queen. Mathews hit his diamond flush and eliminated Caputo with what started out as the worst hand against the best hand.

    Watch this whole thing unfold -


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    daily occurrence on sbr, multiple times, though it is usually KK taking it up the ass in dozens of different ways.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auto Donk View Post
    daily occurrence on sbr, multiple times, though it is usually KK taking it up the ass in dozens of different ways.........
    I resemble that remark. Last night kk vs 10 4. You know the rest.
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    when i hold kk that ace all way show up on the flop,,,it never fail

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    i stopped playing poker when they took away 7 stud

    unreal the bad beats i suffered in real time also

    worst ever loss ONLINE $500 cash tourney the site was PUREPLAY.com

    I'm winning early up about $200

    get pockets aces bet a raise of $100 flop comes A 10 K i go all in TURN card K other two hands opened Q Q and J 10

    River card a J of spades im waiting for Chips to come to me NOPE Q Q had the luckiest hit ever that J spades gave him the royal flush

    OMG im screaming so i got chips left but didnt wind up in money

    so now i play free holdem bingo poker because thats all it is BINGO Board game no matter what you hold in your hand the Board controls the game

    I even scream playing FREE one hand i hold KK hammer it one lady calls my all in after flop of unsuited j Q 7 she holds a Q 2 off suit

    and sure enough river is 2 and i lose and im out yes i know it's free money but omg even real time

    one hand im playing midnight madness tourney at Taj mahal buy in $60 + whatever 100 players

    blinds rae up high $60 $80 i have A 6 diamonds flop 66Q i raise 10 K other dude calls all in with Q J off suit TRN card J river card J i lost he says hey i can get lucky other players all comment that was a bad play

    other guy across from me says that was ugly the way you lost that i snap back it's why i hate this game

    so it's 15 min break now and i wind up out of money took a shot with smal hearts had chance at str8 flush but other player had nut ace hi flush

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so it's late but im now broke $350 cash i go to craps table 10$ minimum andtable is cold they couldnt make a point

    wam wam wam wam 1 hour later im up $600 and i go up to room to sleep wife was asleep already