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    TRUE SBR Poker PRO bitemeUsAdOj......

    haven't heard anything about or from him since that very nice message he sent a while back through sbr brass.....

    been thinkin' about him this week for some reason, perhaps because it's Thanksgiving week and I'm thankful that his not crushing me at the SBR cash games (bigorange does that now), but here on thanksgivin' eve, now that i'm drinkin' a little and FINALLY gettin' into the Holidays mode, I hope that he's doin' well, and would appreciate an update if anyone has one.....

    either way, Happy Thanksgivin' Biter, hope to see you back soon....

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    Good note, Donk. Yeah, the boys miss Bite.

    He had a stretch where he was in the tourney room but wasn't talking. Haven't heard a thing since.

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    Ya, I really hope BiteMe comes back real soon, he kept things fun and interesting!

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

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