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    Quote Originally Posted by Krashman View Post
    They are upgrading the poker servers.

    After another call/Live Chat....5D shipped my ENTIRE poker balance back to Sportsbook today

    Hopefully they fix their software issues soon

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    They need to UPGRADE THE ENTIRE SITE...

    Took my business elsewhere... and I was with them for about 10 years. Time to move on.

    No excuse for the server issues. Spend some fukking money you've been taking in and BUY SOME BETTER EQUIPMENT.

    Stop running an operation on a Commodore 64

    How are they not embarrassed by this??? Bunch of clowns running a circus over there.

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    Any new development?

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    Sportsbook is down on the daily . Itís a sad book now . Good thing I donít have a lot of money on there but I do enjoy their lines and selections. People with large amounts should be worried.

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    its back again

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