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    BetPhoenix Must Be In Trouble

    R-tards just cold called me.

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    they won't be able to keep their head above water much longer

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    anybody not been paid?

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    Interesting. They also raised their minimum bets to $5. I know this because I tried to do a 5 team $4 parlay and it would not allow me. I've made $4 parlays in the past with them all the time.

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    they call me all the time...worst book in terms of phone calls, by far.

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    i tweaked out on a guy one time
    never got called again

    ask for their name, tell them you are coming to costa rica for the bash and you will personally come and make sure that they never cold call you again

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    They've also raised deposit limits up too...went from 25 to 50....i'm happy I got out of there a while ago!