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    Quote Originally Posted by milwaukee mike View Post
    with only $50 it's kind of pointless to bet 2% each game if you're trying to build it up to 350.
    the odds of success with juice eating away at you are probably 1-100 that way.

    by taking the advice of n.o.s. and picking a couple parlays or by taking a 6-1 underdog your chances of success are about 1-7.

    so would you rather have a 1 in 7 chance of reaching your goal or a 1 in 100?
    I agree. In this situation I would rather just take it to the track and bet on a 6-1 or greater that I felt really good about and have my $350 in approx 2 minutes.

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    important thing is to get lucky with a 50/100 $ deposit ... so u have 4-5 units ( 400-500 $ ) then go from 100 $ a game and hope a little more of that luck continues till 100 $ becomes 1/20th of ur roll , then u have reached an optimal amount to bet each game loll

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