Weekly Betting Roundup for February 21-27, 2011
B. Sharps / Head Linesman / Legends

Hello once again players! Let’s take a look at the last week of February and see how things shook out. Monday of course is just the college board, and the players won with Kansas -17 while the house picked up a little on Wisconsin Green Bay +2; the main game – Villanova vs. Syracuse – was close in action with no big swing. On the added board, the sharps did some damage winning with UTC +4 and Western Carolina landed on the number to make it a nothing day either way for the books.

Tuesday in the NBA, the players picked up where they left off winning with Indiana -2, Houston -1.5, Miami -13, Oklahoma City -8.5, the Lakers -8, and Boston -4.5 to bash the house pretty good to open the second half of the season. The house picked up small wins on Minnesota +7.5 and Denver -1.5 but nowhere near enough to overcome the chalk fest that occurred. In the colleges the players won with Xavier -13.5, Louisville -4, and TCU +7; the house countered with South Carolina +2, Tennessee +5.5, and Michigan State +2.5 to make a little back from the NBA debacle, but still a big night for the players.

Wednesday in the NBA, the players made progress with Philly -9.5, Memphis -3, Phoenix -4, and the Lakers -2.5 (in OT). The house came back with Toronto +8.5, Cleveland +6, Sacramento +14 (outright winner surprisingly), and Oklahoma City +7 to pick up some much needed ground although a small gain for the house only but they will take it after Tuesday night. On to the college board to see how things panned out: the players correctly tabbed Akron -8, Colorado pick ‘em, Colorado State +13, Cincinnati +7, North Carolina -6, and the last two games on the board landing on the number with Wyoming winning by 2 and San Jose State winning by 2 (not as bad small volume game). The books countered with Michigan +4, St. John’s -13.5 (public liked the dog DePaul), Providence +4, and UNLV +2.5 to wash out the colleges for the night.

Thursday saw the books sweep the NBA, getting both dogs home with Chicago +3 and Denver +4.5, breathing life back into their week. In NCAA the players grabbed wins on Florida -6, Old Dominion -2, Louisiana-Lafayette -2.5 (heavily bet syndicate game), and Boise State +1 (another syndicate side). The house came back with Penn State +4, Cal State Northridge +4, Gonzaga +4, and San Diego +7.5 to give away some of their NBA profits for the night but still an ok night for the books.

Friday saw the players rebound quickly and pick up NBA wins on Philadelphia -11, Charlotte -5.5, Phoenix -3.5, New Orleans -5, and the Lakers -10.5 while the house battled back with Utah +6, Washington +15, Cleveland +9, and New Jersey +11 to pick up a small win for the night. On the small college board the players won small with Princeton -9.5 and Fairfield -8.5; in turn, the house picked up equally small wins on Dartmouth +12 and Detroit +6.5 to even out the small board for the night.

On the NBA’s big Saturday board, the players won with Memphis -11, Chicago -4, and Houston -8 as the books countered with Detroit +4, Washington +10, and the Clippers +8 to even things out heading into NCAA action. There, players picked up college wins on Syracuse pick ‘em, Kansas State -4 (heavily bet syndicate game as was UCLA -2), Florida State landing -6 (big action game, so good for the players mostly), Akron -3.5, South Florida -1, St. John’s +6.5 (they keep beating the books and we keep putting up lines that attract money on them, a very good team), Miss State +11 (syndicate game also), Georgia -9.5, Notre Dame -9.5 (big second half rally to beat the books in this one), New Mexico -8, and two more huge syndicate games with North Texas -2 .5 (they won by 22) and Bradley -2.5 (they won by 26). Sometimes I guess it is just too easy for the wise guys and Boise at a pick. The house came back a little with Texas Tech +8.5, BYU +4.5, Colorado +6, Air Force +4, Virginia Tech +4.5, and Wyoming +18 but it still could not overcome the one-way highway of money on Kansas State, UCLA, North Texas, and Bradley from some serious guys.

Sunday the players jumped out ahead with Phoenix +2.5 and the Lakers -1.5 early to keep the books in the hole for the week. The players also tabbed Dallas -9 and Orlando -11; the books then came back with Cleveland +7.5, Memphis +9, and the Knicks +9.5 to soften the blow a little. In the colleges the players rang up wins on West Virginia -3.5, U Conn +3.5, Marquette -11, Wisconsin -11, and North Carolina -6.5. The books came back with Louisville -2 and Washington State +12 but still a good week for the players.

Good luck players! Talk to you again next week.