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    For those of us that have gotten stiffed...don't feel so bad

    Gambler Sues Sheraton Hotel For Unpaid Casino Winnings Of US$55.5 million

    A man who reportedly won over US$55.5 million in casino is suing Sheraton Saigon Hotel in Vietnam to claim his winnings in gambling according to local reports. This is considered to be a lawsuit with the biggest ever claim in Vietnam.
    60-year-old Ly Sam filed a case against the hotel after he, on October 25, 2009, allegedly played the Landlord Game on a machine at the hotelís Palazzo Club and was informed by the machine that he had won over $55.5 million.
    According to the Vietnamese- American, he asked the clubís manager to sign a minute recording the result, but the manager refused. Reports say that he was promised to be paid in three days.
    Sam, however, recorded the result on the machine himself and requested some witnesses to sign the recordings.
    After not being paid later on, the man then sent a letter to the general director of the Dai Duong Joint-venture, the hotelís investor, nearly a month later, asking for payment. The company still refused payment, claiming it was caused by machine error.
    Presiding judge Mai Xuan Binh stated that they previously planned to open the trial before February, but lack of some evidence pushed the trial's delay for further investigations.

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    That blows but what slot machine pays out over 50+ million He will get a nice chunk with the right suit. Shit happens in AC all the time with the progressive jackpots. They stay conning old ladies out of their jackpots because it malfunctioned or the casino down the street hit it first.