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    is anyone happy without money?

    "without money"
    can unclude:
    unstable/no job
    heavy burden or debt
    debt free but money free or close to money free.
    barely getting by month to month
    any won bet barely helps but each loss hurts a lot.

    always appreciate health, family. But I am never happy.

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    as long as there is enough weed i am okay

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    depends what country you were born in and how you were raised

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    whos the girl in the avatar?

    im happy some of the time

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    As Ted Turner said...

    "Money's no big deal...as long as you've got enough of it."


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    Maybe in a different time in a different society

    In today's world and in America, I think its nearly impossible

    Of course some people with no money are happy, I don't think I could be one of them

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    No money sucks.

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    i know i would be happier with a little bit more.

    as is, i am not unhappy, just a lesser degree of happy.

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    I was dead broke and unemployed for almost two years after college and it's miserable. Constantly losing sleep and stressed about how to pay bills/rent/food/entertainment, forget about what's going to happen in the case of an emergency.

    I've made sure they'll never be the case again, regardless of what kind of turn the economy takes.

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    weed and coke and I am fine

    I do not give a fuk if I lose every fukkin bet I make

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    weed and coke and I am fine

    I do not give a fuk if I lose every fukkin bet I make

    now see, here's a man who has life figured out

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    As long as we stay in action it is ok, but no money to bet is bad

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    I say no. Money is pretty great. I added to the Forum!!!!

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    Also what Vegas Insider said. I have been there and at times am still there. That is the worst and it's terrible.

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    I think it depends on your age and current situation.

    For example, I was broke and balls deep in student loans while in college and I was very happy. Fast forward a few years and I am debt free with a decent amount of money and I can't say that I am any happier than I was back then.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is I miss college. Enjoy those years while you can guys.
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    you must of all missed out on the CC push in the 90's. they were sending them out unsolicited to anything that could half breathe. all you had to do is call an 800 number to activate and the credit was yours to use or abuse however you saw fit. obviously with their loan shart interest rates and over the limit fees and late fees and annual fees the default rate was out of site. too bad if you missed out on that golden era of CC cash. they've tightened the ship now but they still made out despite us defaulters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmgUrMom View Post
    whos the girl in the avatar?

    im happy some of the time
    she's the chick that was on the rebatewager website during xmas time.
    Saying "Happy Holidays from webate wayju"
    I think it was Marianela Valverde she smokin hot. Could pass as a valid girlfriend pic cant it? But I wont lie here to my sbr family. Not that i can complain about wifey, she aint bad at all borderline 10, IMO.

    I am at the point I cant be happy no matter what. Sad thing is family, wife, son are great.
    Work is another story, self employed but shaky job depending on day to day sales.
    This insecurity drove me to bet from september to superbowl. Lost as much as I won in past 2 years. Im much worse off financially than last year, especially 6 months ago, but better than 2 years ago, but my glass is always half empty.
    Only good chunk of change won was in fact the beginning of september and the superbowl itself. In between got slaughtered in every sport, every way and it snowballed.
    Seems I just caught the good, proven cappers at the tail ends of their run (other sites as well) or they turned tout. Or some brilliant systems I missed that hit great %'s @the beginning of each respective sport, now nothing has value. Trying to hybernate until football or beginning of NBA/NHL. MLB coming up but I dont know which thread/people are best 2 follow realtively new posting even though account open for a while. Would appreciate out-of-the-gate best reccomendations for baseball threads.
    Needless to say units have gone way down just trying to scrap together a tiny bit of dignity and dough back with small bets maybe for baseball.

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    Money is very important in life but the most important is health. if you dont have health, money cant help you (when the case is really bad).

    Money give happyness to everyone because it means POWER.

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    All i need is a bag of weed and my gun collection, and i'm happy

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    Numerous studies done by psychologists say if you have enough money to live comfortably and above the poverty line than extra money doesn't make you any happier.

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    comfortably is the key I believe. Hardly the case here.

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    in my life time i have been without money and with more than i needed. i have been happy in both places. money doesnt buy happiness but it does buy peace of mind. when you have to worry about how your coming up with rent this month it consumes you. hard to enjoy whats infront of you. cant ever relax and appreciate little things. when you have enough or more than enough money it is a big stress off your shoulders and you can focus on other things. fun, family, friends etc. there is the saying money is the root of all evil, i dont believe that. money brings out more of who you already are. if you are greedy selfish and self centered, money will just prove that to everyone. if you are kind giving and caring person, what you do with your money will show that too

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    Anectdotal history of people that have been on both sides of this fence show that there is a diminishing return. Yes, for the overwhelming majority of people, more money makes you happier. However, there is a point whereupon a lot of wealth creates it's own set of distinct problems that often decrease happiness. (ie: one has to worry about one's children being kidnapped and and the daily grind of can you trust anyone, or are they just trying to know me because of my wealth).

    good thread
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    Money is everything

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    Money isnt everything, but it sure helps get through the bad things in life,JMO.


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    Outside of Acetic self flagellating virgin monks......no

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    i think you have to have very low expectations in life to be happy without money

    if you plan to get somewhere in life, you need money to get there

    then again, even if you're happy with 2-3 meals a day and a warm bed to sleep at night, that takes money too, modern world sucks

    go up in the mountains, build a cabin, and live off the land

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    Pretty good thread, lots of interesting comments.

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    Getting a two pay check from work or a check from a sportsbook is actually more thrilling then having money it self

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    im in debt!! **** my life. and i aint happy either!

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    you need money to be happy.