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    Modern day astronaut worship like Giffords husband.Why?they are tax burdens.

    The space program had it's glory days in the 60's and 70's and great things were accomplished but NASA has just been another waste of tax payers money for at least 25 years now.Stuff like the Hubbel telescope is fine and same with these Viking unmanned space exploration modules all be that the cost is inflated by 8X but the space shuttle ran it's course long,long ago and the international space station is just a commie feel good social program.Who do you think bears the cost of it,Russia.hehehe!All the space shuttle is used for today is to haul women and minorities up in space so they can come back home and give motivational speeches to girls and minorities in public schools.So Giffords husband and his brother who the media is going nuts calling them heros are just tax burdens with their glamor hobbie jobs of being space shuttle pilots.

    If NASA insists on wasting money,they should build some kind of asteroid lazer smasher.At least there is some practical use for that where you actually might build something that saves the world as long of a shot that is.

    If they made a movie about the modern day space program it would have to be called,The Wrong Stuff.
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