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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPaul2008 View Post
    I had Murray State -11.5

    They were up 60-37.

    60-54 (yes, 17 straight for Tennessee State) with 48 seconds to go.

    Tenn State scores+foul, lead is now 13. Foul on Tenn St.

    Murray State player misses the first of a 1 and 1. Tenn St. scores, lead is 11 with 20 seconds.

    Tenn St. calls a timeout (why the hell would a team call a timeout with 20 seconds to go down 11???)

    With 19 seconds left the ball is stolen and the game ends on 11.
    Total bullshit!

    Whether or not a time out was taken didn;t matter as Murray St wouldn;t have taken another shot. Once they didn't foul, you were done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLXC View Post
    Yes, when they called back that TD for PIT against SD. I won but boy that looked fishy as hell.
    Bluh I had a fat four team parlay on that that would have come in.

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    I've had crazy shit happen to me all the time. Some hurt worse than others.

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