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    The Increasingly poor decisions of todd margerett & arrested development

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    I've just seen a couple episodes for the first time recently and I actually laughed out loud a few different times. It definitely has some real good moments. I'm a big David Cross fan too.

    I've always heard from people I know that it was good but your comment made me want to know what critics thought of it. The very first critic review I read had to say this "Plagued throughout its run by low budgets, terrible time slots, and a network that didn't seem to understand it, Mr. Show ranks as perhaps the best-kept comedy secret of the '90s. HBO's long-delayed 10-episode, two-disc DVD release of the show's first two seasons ought to change that, allowing a larger audience to experience a program so smart and funny that it seems to exist on a higher evolutionary plane than its sketch-comedy peers." ....Sounds like it fits perfectly for this thread
    I like Cross, too. Really liked him in Arrested Development. I never saw the show when it was on television, downloaded the first season. It just comes off as a low budget, sleazy and gimmicky sketch comedy duo with what sounds like an audience of 14 people laughing. I'm sure it doesn't help that the references made in some of those sketches are very dated either. I could barely finish the first season.

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    Doctor Who

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    Peep show is a good British comedy show. Probably a pretty well "known" show if you are from the UK, but doubtful that you have heard of it if you are not. A British friend turned me onto it years ago. Youtube has a lot (if not all) of the episodes.

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    The Lone Gunmen is another good one if you were a fan of the X-files. It is a spinoff show from the X-files that revolve around the Lone Gunmen guys. It only lasted one season.

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