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    Will the Eagles even win a playoff game this year?

    Minnesota without Brett Farve beat them in a game that could have given them a chance to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Philly has lost to Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee all have losing records and they lost at home to Green Bay who they are probably going to play in the first round.

    Vick continues to get banged up and each game only adds to his fatigue. That was what hurt him in Atlanta. You get worn down toward the end of the season being a mobile QB.

    Rodgers is going to drive down the field in the final minutes of the game to score and beat Philly in Philly then get a rematch with Atlanta.

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    I think Philly will be ok. Its football. Weird shit happens thats why u shouldnt bet the NFL

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    Eagles defensive issues have always been what I knew would derail them at some point. Plus is the Dallas game this week is basically a bye. They don't gain or lose anything, so expect minimal participation from the star players - if Vick plays more than a quarter, Reid is a moron. Match-up with Green Bay would be great from an offensive perspective for both. Both defenses can be had, turnovers will be the key I think.

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    Green Bay is a terrible matchup versus Vick. They're already thin at OLB and Cullen Jenkins is still on the mend. I'm not even sure GB gets by Chicago on Sunday.
    I also am not sold the Giants can stay focused/disciplined if they had to play Vick again.
    Tampa is hard to read. They had the road map to beating Vick under Gruden, I'm pretty certain Raheem remembers how it's done.

    No matter how you slice it, Philly is a legit contender to go deep. I am not certain of their D, however. I don't like how they match up vs Atlanta on either side of the ball.

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    Other big thing is the coaching staff HAS TO figure out how to combat blitzing from the opposition. O-line got killed by Minnesota's LBers last night coming with the heat. That blue print is out there for everyone. Shovel passes, draws, something has to be added into the mix to combat that if others try it.

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    All of the weirdness surrounding the game and the fact that the Eagles will take it easy next week means you shouldn't write them off based on this loss.

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    yes just one though

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    Even though they looked horrible last night, with resting most of the starters this week I think they should be ready for the playoffs.

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    They might but we know an Andy Reid. Won't win anything in the end- that is a certainty.

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    Won't win anything in the end

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    eagles sucks in def.. but i will root for michael vick.. eagles got awesome attack. just didnt show up last night

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    Not if that dude on Fox News has Vick executed before the 1st game

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    Green Bay in the first round will be a great game, but you gotta give the edge to the Eagles. The problem will be going to Chicago and having to play on that crappy field.

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    Sure, but they won't win the entire thing..

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    uh no