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    jjgold, don't worry buddy, you have nothing to be ashamed of.. alot of men love it up the a-ss.. they just won't admit it. I read a poll once in a magazine that 87% of men would love to get it up the a-ss.. you are not alone jjgold.. men are just scared to admit it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickFazzer View Post
    and have the lone ranger theme song playing in the background.

    That would be the cats ass...
    Hanks Mood Music

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    has to wear a mask because it is realy a dude

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    Nicky did you see what Slicker did for me??? He found the theme song for the Lone Ranger.

    Slicker I will not forget this

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    Hala Madrid !!
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    Make sure u check her package or u might end up playing Star Wars

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    JJ you like sistas? I can let you star in one of my adult films, If you want to wear a mask, let me know. I even throw u 200 bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Rager would you mind if I get a kinky hooker and she wears a strap on and pops me in the ass? I do not know if some guys are into that here. I think you can see her and her strap on and she will be wearing a ski mask.

    Rager I am kinky Pal if your ever in the area of Newark bring your wife and the 3 of us can have fun.

    Thanks Rager
    For years the only way my wife would do anal is if she could return the favor, so for years I didn't get any anal. This year I gave the bitch a real nice pearl necklace and she let me do her in the ass with out the return favor. Turns out shes O.K. with it and now I get to poke her all the time in the ass. I can't say that I would enjoy getting poked myself. Honestly every once in a while she will jam a finger up there only up to the first knuckle or two, and I wouldn't be able to take more than that and not feel gay. Plus she has small fingers, I can't imagine taking a big 8" black strap on with veins and balls attached to it, it would be too much like deliverance.

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    JJ, you are a crazy fuk!

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    WHeres the sextape

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    lets see some more video lol
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    JJ actually does have a sex tape video.....recorded in Montreal with some hooker. He posted the video but edited it so you only saw him talk with her on his bed and then shows the after parts when she left.
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