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    Quote Originally Posted by Parlayking414 View Post
    Hit a 17 teamer and 18 teamer college football in one day
    thats unreal. even if it was only MLs although not saying it was. if they were all ATS, thats fukking insane.

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    Just hit a 5 teamer for 2k this past weekend. Local maxes the payout at 2k. Hit a bunch of open parlays that he had to turn them off on me.

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    very exciting weekend for me
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    Don't Forget the 250K Parlay from this Post !

    Haa he posted it just before the last game ! I was on the edge of my seat ...awesome
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    I think maybe $500 in winnings,,dont play a lot of them

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    Week 5
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    15 teamer for like 250 to 1 during college basketball. Only had a dollar on it. And several 15 team teasers. 50 paid like 1400ish

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