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    Justin no offense but its been 4 months ??

    Contact DGS themselves and you will see the answer .

    Need any help on this ? cuz it seems weird that SBR is still investigating 4 months after

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    First of all, whoever bets 500 a hand on BJ over the internet is a fool, or has millions of dollars. And if they have millions, they could jet to vegas to do that!

    Internet casinos are so fixed, if you win like that you'll never get paid. whatever book accepts 500 a hand are fools or crooks, knowing they wont pay if you win, or they fix it so you wont, either way youre dead!

    How can you let it get up to 120k? After a few wins, why not take some out? Especially at a book with no track record!

    Good Luck!

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    What was the final result of this Justin? Reason I ask, I am presently playing with betwagerweb, they bumped me from a 10X to a 20X, which I really don't mind, expect I never would have deposited $500 with a 20X if the most I could get paid would be 5K. Makes no sense to have a cap lower than your possible straight bet winnings.

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