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    Multiple victims in UNLV campus shooting; gunman dead

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    UNLV and the University of Dayton basketball game postponed for tonight

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    And this keeps happening

    this doesn’t sound nearly as bad as Maine thi

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    I heard that it's a 67 yo career college professor and for some reason the media isn't reporting extensively on his/her political views. I wonder why that might be?

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    Sorry for the victims.

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    Really awful. Glad they killed the shooter but torture would have been better.

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    Either arm everyone or 100% ban and zero tolerance.

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    Hmm, sounds like a mystery! Maybe the media's keeping it on the down-low to keep things interesting. Who knows what this 67-year-old professor's got up their sleeve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newton0038 View Post
    Either arm everyone or 100% ban and zero tolerance.
    There are way too many groups that benefit from a high crime rate. No way in hell they go to zero tolerance on any law.