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    long time ago playing mini baccarat

    dealer always deals players do not

    so one guy fades me every bet and wins 100% until one hand i make no play so he's had to decide on his own
    result he lost

    i leave and go other table $5 min bets both wam wam wam im winning like crazy same J O comes over and tries again 100% losses 10 hands in row and im snickering like crazy collecting $10 $20 bets

    didnt say a word to him but after he left i told dealer and others what happened they all laughed

    my run stoppeed after 45 mins and i happily colered up to $650 and went to craps table for few hours late night as usual they all 7 out

    started with $200 went home with $950

    other night before this im on craps table betting wrong big shooter comes up buys in for $1000 or whtaever

    after i win 2 bets including one against him he barks yo i'm betting real money over here i snap back so am i shoot the dice call pit boss over and cries pit boss knows me well tells me to calm down i whispered tony you know me im here every week 2 -3 nights he says i know but just humor him so after 1.5 hours more he has to buy in again i'm fawking snickkering inside hard saying im done and colored up $1075

    i won like $850 and im freaking smiling tipped dealers $5 and went to go sleep in car in garage which your not allowed to do so i had to cover windows and lay flat woke up early 9 am got clean shirt went to me ns room cleaned up then breakfast the off to poker tables
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    Sounds like a great night mr bill, thanks for sharing

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    Bill's living the high life.

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    Where do you play? This sounds like Reno old Caesars.

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    this was in atlantic city way back in 80's harrahs in marina