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    How Do Rain Delays Affect Your Initial Capping in MLB?

    Does it have minimal effect, if any? Does it give value to the dog the longer the delay, assuming there's a big fav? Does it give value to the over? Does it give value to the under? What say you?

    I always wonder about this, especially in situations where there is a -200+ fav like team/pitcher and there's a 2+ hour rain delay. Do you expect the starting pitchers to go the same # of pitches or does it reduce by 10% or so? So many things to think about.

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    I thought about this for years... if there was any consistent angle? I've come to the conclusion... simply stay away. Hard to anticipate if an ump will try to play through it.... or wait it out... so many variables.

    Hopefully others will chime in... and have a better angle or approach.

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    Certain pitchers have different tolerances for delays.
    By that I mean some pitchers tighten up after 20 minutes of sitting, some aren't even affected after a two hour delay.

    This is the five and fly bullpen era anyways, pay attention to the bullpens, especially if rain is in the forecast before or during game time.