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    Your pal Nasher's best prop bet today

    Let me set this up first, I touched on this last week.

    Houston at Giants.

    Texans are far and away the worst run defense team in the NFL, maybe the worst in the past decade.

    Barkley is (I hate this word, but it applies), an elite RB when healthy, and he's been 100 percent all season.
    Daniel Jones is a top five rushing QB, behind all the usual suspects, Jackson, and Hurts...

    That's where I've put my focus, on the Giants offense, which isn't offensive any more.
    (Did you see what I did there)?

    I really have no doubt what Daboll's game plan will be today.
    Danny Dimes and rollout RPO's, and plenty of shove the pigskin in Barkley's gut.
    If Daniel Jones is going to throw he's going to be looking Wan'Dale Robinson's way.

    Having said all that, the best prop I think, and this has been two for two for me this season is Graham Gano over 6.5 kicking points.

    Gano is (here's that word again) an NFL elite place kicker.
    He's been virtually automatic for the past three seasons now.
    Giants facing the leagues worst run defense should translate into plenty of red zone drives, with Gano's leg, his range from fifty yards in like I said is pretty much automatic.

    I was shocked when I saw DK's prop for Gano at 6.5, it's usually 7.5 kicking points.

    Not for nothing, Bark's o/u rush yards is 94.5, steep, but for a good reason.
    The better Bark prop might be over 120.5 total yards, as 'Dimes' like to look his way out of the backfield.

    Jones's o/u rush yards is 32.5 today, and that's his average.
    And Robinson's receiving yards is 34.5, I can't play that, I don't know if Golloday (he's cleared to play) is going to play, and if he does, to what extent?

    NYG line down to five, and the total made a big adjustment from the 38.5 opener to 41.5 where it sits now.

    Gano OVER 6.5 kicking points is the play for me.

    Best of luck to all.
    (I'm also looking hard at the over in the Detroit/Chicago clusterfuck as well).

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    Sounds great!

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    Gl Nasher!

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    Good luck pal

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    nashy breaks everything down

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    wow really comon nasher screw prop plays i giants -5.5 -6.5 is the game texans are a bad team eagles beat them by 12 in houston but no cover the -14 spread

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    Excellent. Thanks Nasher.

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    You were robbed of points in the first half. Good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock View Post
    You were robbed of points in the first half. Good post.
    Thanks Brock, I appreciate the words, I do, but it goes with the territory, especially in prop betting.
    True, the false start, and two other calls pretty much doomed me, like I said, it goes with the territory.
    Take the good with the bad, for every tough loss I've taken, and I can name a win I had not business cashing.
    Most importantly, there's no crying in sports wagering, no excuses, you win, or you lose.

    We had a fella here, no need for names, we know who he is, he bet KC two years ago in the SB, he lost his shirt.
    He cried, he whines, blames the refs, blamed everybody but himself, but will never recognize the fact that KC didn't score a TD all game, I said to myself "I never, ever, want to sound that pathetic"
    Own up to your loss like a man, and move on.

    I can tell you all about wins I had no business cashing, like an over 47.5 cash I had the covered when a PAT got botched, but the kicker picked the ball up and ran it in for two, that put the final at 48.
    Good with the bad, bad with the good.

    Good news, the Bark prop covered, the bad news, the Gano wager was a little more than the Bark.
    Made a couple of bucks overall, the Bears went way over (my last sentence in the OP #1)

    I'll stay with the kick props, they've been kind to me all year (even with yesterdays loss)
    The football is an odd shaped object, odd shaped objects take odd bounces, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, but I know this going in.

    Best of luck to you moving forward.

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    yes exactly. you take the losses like a man so the winners get accolades. the way to be.

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    Be looking forward to your posts.