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    Lets talk Big Brother!

    Am I the only one who was really surprised by the uproar of all of the house members over Kyle??

    I mean he probably shouldnt have said anything outloud but he was pretty much correct in his reasoning that there was sort of another Cookout forming.

    And the housemates think that is racist? Really? And it didnt take Alyssa long to get rid of him. I wouldnt be surprised if the show didnt orchestrate a lot of this

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    i only know from what my mom told me. i think the show had a lot to do with him being out last night. i heard they cut off live feeds too with what he was saying. i don't know more details than that to make a judgment.

    i am tired of all the alliances and groups. to me it killed the show and why i stopped watching.

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    I think you might be the only one here who watches Big Brother.
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    Theres a whole big brother thread

    we do fantasy big brother. I still audition every year

    live feeders are wild. Every sentencd is evaulated. Its ridiculous

    kyle and alyssa fukked 2-3x. From what i read its 10-20 seconds