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    Why isn't Brewers game listed at SBR book?

    It's the one game I have a lot of interest in and of course it's the only game not on the schedule. Anyone know why?

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    Honestly, I think it's an SBR issue.

    I logged into the book after reading your post and I noticed they have only "National league" heading but the whole league is there, except a few games.

    MIL/WAS, CHI/NYY, and BOS/SEA are all missing from the SBR Book.

    Also noticed that those games are missing the bet365 lines on SBR odds. Maybe they are related, not sure. Zona/PHI are also missing from bet365 on the odds page but are in the book.

    So I don't know the cause except that it looks to be an SBR specific issue.