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    golf 3-ball betting - odds on a half win, half push?

    Need some help, could someone explain the math to me?

    Smith/Burns/Thomas today, I had +150 on Justin Thomas in a 3-ball

    -4 Thomas
    -4 Smith
    E Burns

    So what are the odds I'm paid at?

    Originally I had $100 to win $150, but now $100 to win... ?

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    I think you'll get back $125 ($25 profit). Two players tied for the top spot so half of your bet wins and half loses. Your $100 to win $150 is reduced to a winning bet of $50 to win $75. That's my take. Hopefully someone else can confirm or correct if I'm mistaken.

    BTW, how did your Book grade this?

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    Agree with Hedgehog