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    I'm up to about 35K from 5K deposit on Xbet (a Mybookie sister site)

    How do I withdraw all the money without getting banned?

    do I take out 5K a week to stay under the radar or try to take all out ASAP?

    I didn't know they were a Mycrookie affiliate. I also didn't take any bonuses, don't steam chase, arb, middle or any of those tricks. I have a combination of straight plays, parlays, live plays and props

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    Good luck with that

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    what's the most you've withdrawn from them before and how long did it take?

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    For 1, posting about it here is not going to do you any good. Secondly bashing them publicly before trying to withdraw is just a dumbass move. It is the middle of the busiest season, your chances are as good now as they will ever be. Quit being a penetrating knucklehead and making multiple post over it.