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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi_archie View Post
    This woman is very attractive !

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavyracer View Post
    I don't think any of you understand SBR's business model. SBR wants to make money by hiring people. If they hire posters they will lose money. You are all compulsive gamblers that have nothing to offer to SBR.
    you are way off

    sbr's best hires have been from within sbr....not touts that have 50views on youtube or twitter

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    I could easily be sbr ghostbuster. So far I got jt315, Dustyy, anatevka, Brooks45, itsamazing, theseal. Busted each one.

    Currently working on the knuckleheadz and bradthebloke cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by RudyRuetigger View Post
    check all betpoints cash outs/monitor poker

    golf writeups

    beer drinking
    Cut the shit Rudy. 🍺 Drinking Is Me!

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