Wow. If this game comes--yet we have to hope this game is not the same matchup as the final game of the season? A bit anticlimactic if so, right?
Baylor scares me badly. They have shown the most unstoppable and consistent offense, so far. No team, it seems, is able to stymy those very athletic players?

And the competition played sure is stronger by far than is Gonzaga's. No doubt.
Here's that just released news about that possible postponed rematch.

*There is still a chance to reschedule Gonzaga's game against No. 2 Baylor that was called off earlier this season due to COVID-19 issues, Few said. The problem remains finding a mutually agreeable date during conference play. "We're flexible and ready," Few said. "Sometimes when there's a will there's a way."
This would be the biggest basketball clash in years. But, will they meet again way down the long road ahead? And with the same results?
Me? I would rather witness the potential bigger one down the long road ahead. And not the one that would mean little except a temporary boost in pride.