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    Quote Originally Posted by JAKEPEAVY21 View Post
    Tatis slumped for the last 2 weeks. The entire season was around 2 months.
    His slump last lost never than his hit streak.

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    Tatis slumped for longer than he hit well last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenash View Post
    How can you say that, he finished last regular season on a six game hitting streak.
    (the final regular season game he didn't play all nine innings)

    By your own words "this isn't the 1970's"

    Since Ron Bloomberg drew a walk in 1973 against Luis Tiant becoming the first DH in MLB how exactly has the rules of baseball changed since then?

    It's still see the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball.
    It's still nine innings and 27 outs.
    It's still four ball and take your base, it's still three strikes and you're out.
    Nothing's changed.
    And it's still good pitching almost always will beat good hitting.
    Usually, not always.
    Because you can not score a run if you can not get on base.

    Please don't debate baseball with me.
    I've been witting baseball for the past 25 years, ten of them right here at SBR as well.
    I have played baseball, coached it, umpired it, studied it, analyzed it, write about it.
    I also blog about it, and in developments of a podcast with a buddy of mine who works/writes for the Twins.

    I am not the be all/end all baseball authority because I am still learning 25 years later, but you sir can not tell me anything about baseball I don't know.

    I am smart enough to know there are better baseball minds out there than me.
    A lot of them, but you are not one of them.
    Also stated pulling Blake snell in game 6 was the right decision nobody agrees with that move you are completely a dodgers hater for some reason

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