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    Urban is a good organizer of talent. He knows X's & O's. He is not a Offensive Guru. He is not a Defensive Guru. He definitely is "NOT" a Special Teams Guru!! He was our (OSU's) Spec. Teams coach during his time here. Not that impressed! His head is so big it won't fit through the door. Not a likable guy. Fook him. He couldn't see Joe Burrow was clearly the best QB in the nation. Joe took the scrub Offense and butchered the defense daily. He had to have a black QB. Went out of state and shipped one in. Urban has been exposed. Fook the deep grab off that slut. He is not a football coaching talent. Most of his O.C.'s and D.C's was or is a HC at some other school. Don't see a huge school courting him.

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    his ole lady not letting him get his paws on any more co-eds not gonna happen

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