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    Pitt vs Austin Peay shortened mid game?!

    Iím not 100% I understood what happened so correct me if Iím wrong but...
    Pitt and Austin Peay at halftime agreed to shorten the 3rd and 4th quarter to 10 minutes each. Seems kinda nuts to just be able to change the rules at halftime and Iím not really even sure the logic behind it except for avoiding injuries but if thatís the case why even bother playing the 2nd half at all?

    Anyway, ignoring the absurdity of the decision, how does this get graded?

    Pitt wins 55-0: Pitt covers -30 and it goes over 48.5

    Iím sure some books maybe have this in their rule book as maybe not a fully completed game and it gets refunded but depending on how the rules are written the game was technically played in its entirety.

    I didnít bet on this game so I donít really care one way or the other but Iíd be pretty pissed if my winning bets got cancelled.

    Any thoughts?

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    Everything is phucked up just like this.....insane decision.

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    cancelled they have to play 55 minutes

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    Saw this on bookmaker:

    “Any market whose outcome has already been determined will have
    action, even if the game is suspended after that point.”

    Bookmaker also had the 55 minute rule like you mentioned but this clause came after. I’d imagine that means the o/u gets graded since it had already been determined at the end of the game (50 minutes)

    I guess picks on the spread would still get canceled since in theory Austin Peay could’ve came back with more time.

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    CFB is the worst sport to bet on. So much can get fukked up. I don't watch the shit or bet on it. Do you trust your money with a bunch of 19 and 20 year old punk kids? I don't. Most books have a 55 min rule so you get shafted if that doesn't hit. Doesn't matter that it was a blowout. Idk why people even like college ball. Stick to big $$$$$$$$$$ pro sports without fukked up rules to screw you out of an easy win.