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    Yankees Sign $10 Million Deal With Tiktok

    President Donald Trump may be trying to ban TikTok from the country, but the New York Yankees arenít shying away from the popular social media app.

    The Yankees and the YES Network signed a sponsorship deal with TikTok on Tuesday, according to Sportico.

    The deal has been in the works for about six months, per the report, and will expire if Trumpís ban is actually implemented. If the app is sold or Trumpís ban is not implemented, the sponsorship will run for two more years.

    The deal will pay the Yankees about $10 million, and give them team-branded content on the app. TikTok will also receive branded signs at Yankee Stadium, per the report.

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    It's not what they bring...
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    The Chinaman be like...

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    Yankees a disgrace

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    [Too Long]
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    tik Tok just another government ploy like most social media to keep the people from low income neighborhoods on their phones all day rather than doing something productive with their lives. Then they cry that the system fuks them........

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    disappointed in my yanks. like they need the publicity.