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    Glad to hear everything is A-OK Philly.

    Did you happen to talk them out of any boner pills while you were in there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by USCPHILLYGUY View Post
    Just checking in men as Iíve prob slept about 2 hours. Did the Cath (again) and showed no additional blockages other than plaque. Guess thatís treatable through medication. If no ones ever experienced this, You have to put a camera through your arteries, either through your wrist or groin area. 1st time in Feb we did the wrist. Yesterday for whatever reason we couldnít do the wrist so had to do the groin. When I tell you it hurt like hell, Iím not kidding. I truly donít know how women give birth after feeling this pain! Anyway, got to the hospital at 10, was on my way home by 630.

    Thank you all again for the kind words of encouragement, it was greatly appreciated. 99% of you guys are top notch.

    Just a brief comment on PIMIKE. When he text me both Friday & Monday he mentioned he had ďthe CovidĒ but said had 3 test that came back negative. Maybe he misquoted the text or whatever. He text me again on Monday, told him I was going in Weds, he wished me luck, I asked him how heís feeling, he didnít reply. Didnít read the comments between Greaser and GoDuke but will say that if you respond anything other than ďgood luckĒ or ďget well soonĒ you are a bigger piece of shit than ever imagined. Again will read the thread later.

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    Philly guy alive and kicking 👍

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    Good news

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