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    Deposited into my checking account April 15th. $1200

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimike View Post
    I tried that today. No results so your saying wait till Friday?
    It was able to work on Wednesday for a relative I was helping out, but we did it in the morning which probably helped by avoiding the rush later on which probably overloaded the website and caused problems.

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    Hit my acct sometime yesterday morning.
    Just in time, because my alternator crapped out.

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    nothing here yet

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    The IRS has a new deadline to urge you to act soon if you're considering entering DD information online at "Get My Payment." The Internal Revenue Service wants people to take action by Noon Wednesday - May 13th - if they want a shot at receiving stimulus cash more quickly via DD. Bank account information can be entered at "Get My Payment" at IRS.gov.

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    received a $751 d irect deposit this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by thezbar View Post
    Deposited into my checking account April 15th. $1200
    I got mine on 4/30.
    Waiting on round 2 now.

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    More free money coming.

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    Didn't qualify for one.

    This may have been asked earlier and I didn't see it..... if you don't qualify for the stimulus part, do you still get the $500 per child?

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    Around these woods most people have gottn em; except the (is it SSi or SSDI?) crew.

    It helped.

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    mr president, if you get me 5 more of these ill love you till the day I die. im even taking that med hydroxy just for you!! may you keep that money coming. I tell everybody this is our tax break!!

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