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    French Organizers Catching Heat From Tennis World For Moving Open Date 🎾

    With French Open 2020 unilaterally taking their decision to reschedule their Grand Slam event in mid-September has irked the tennis fraternity.
    US Open 2020 will be wrapping up on September 13, and within seven days players have to fly to Paris, for the clay-court major.

    The tennis calendar has been jumbled amidst the coronavirus pandemic. By considering the rising havoc in the world, the US Open has released their statement regarding the 2020 plan.

    The statement by US Open 2020

    “The USTA is continuing to plan for the 2020 US Open and is not at this time implementing any changes to the schedule. These are unprecedented times, though, and we are assessing all of our options, including the possibility of moving the tournament to a later date,” the tournament announced.

    Roland-Garros did not consult the other governing bodies of the sport, namely, ATP, WTA, ITF and other Grand Slams. And on Tuesday, they simply published the postponement news on social media. Firstly, the players were not pleased to receive the news in that manner. Also, they are unhappy with their agenda.
    Unlike the French major, the Flushing Meadows Slam will collaborate with the rest of the tour for setting up an ideal to play.

    “At a time when the world is coming together, we recognize that such a decision should not be made unilaterally, and therefore the USTA would only do so in full consultation with the other Grand Slam tournaments, the WTA and ATP, the ITF and our partners, including the Laver Cup,” the US Open added.


    The tournament, the premier clay-court event in the world, was scheduled for May 24 to June 7. Tournament organizers said they shifted those dates to Sept. 20 to Oct. 4.

    The change puts the French Open after the United States Open, which had been the last Grand Slam tournament scheduled for 2020.

    The decision immediately drew criticism within tennis for being made without consulting others in the game. The date change created conflicts with other events, including the Laver Cup men’s team event headlined by Roger Federer that is scheduled for Sept. 25 to 27 in Boston, and a women’s tournament in Wuhan, China, the city at the center of the global pandemic.
    “Excusez moi???” Naomi Osaka, the Japanese star and two-time Grand Slam singles champion, wrote on Twitter.

    Vasek Pospisil, a member of the ATP player council who has been pushing for more player solidarity and influence, said the decision had “come literally out of the blue” for the ATP.

    “That’s insane,” Pospisil said in a telephone interview. “These are really rough times, unprecedented times, and this just goes against the whole idea of the tour working together. We have a calendar. We have discussions and negotiations between the Grand Slams and the ATP. We are always trying to make it work for everybody, and they just haven’t consulted the ATP, the players or the other tournaments. It’s just a very selfish move. They are basically doing a power play right now, and it’s quite arrogant.”


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    It does seem a bit premature since the French Open isn't scheduled until May 24

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    strange decision

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    Would have made more sense to do B2B w Wimbledon in July

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    18 month pandemic possible
    everything may be done for. NFL at risk.

    US coronavirus plan anticipates 18-month pandemic and widespread shortages

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    Good decision. They wouldn't be able to play in May.
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    Again...no sports the rest of the year

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaFats View Post
    Would have made more sense to do B2B w Wimbledon in July
    that would be sick!