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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaTopMoron View Post
    denver's coach on the back to back vs Bucks who have won 9 in a row and are at home... last played 1/28

    "it's criminal"

    shorthanded denver found a way to win vs utah late last night after trailing by 5 at half and by 9 with 4 to go in 3rd q...

    they prob got in the hotel in mil after 4 am

    the ML is a free add on to any spread/total play you want to make tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Odom View Post

    laying off today

    wife wants to get outside today and do shit... dragging Sammy with her

    Beautiful weather in SoCal

    Back at it but $mall

    4-5 bets today

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimike View Post
    Under photos nice but think the over is the play.
    You were right, the UNDER never had a chance.

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