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    Vegas sportsbook bettor turns $5 into $100K parlay payout

    Vegas sportsbook bettor turns $5 into $100K parlay payout

    Jordan Gartner

    LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A sportsbook bettor in Las Vegas has given themselves their own $100,000 Christmas present.

    A customer at the William Hill sportsbook inside the Casino Royale, located on Las Vegas Boulevard, turned a $5 wager into a $100,000 jackpot when he went a perfect 15-for-15 on the William Hill $100K parlay card.

    The San Francisco, Calif., resident successfully picked 15 Week 16 selections that included the Broncos -7, Raiders +6, Falcons -7, Saints -3, over 51 points in the Saints/Titans game, Giants +2, Jets +3, Dolphins -1, Colts -7, Ravens -10, Eagles +3, under 46 points in the Cowboys/Eagles game, Cardinals +10, Chiefs -5, and Packers +4.

    This winning wager was placed on Dec. 22, less than an hour before the first matchup on the parlay card kicked off, and was an official winner after the Packers defeated the Vikings Monday night.

    The $100,000 William Hill parlay card is available each week during the NFL regular season at William Hill sportsbooks located in Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia.


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    That hitting the lottery

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    only here of the rare lottery winners, not the huge #s that lost everything they have

    How come they do not post that??

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    Nice. Lots of luck.

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    wonder what he was doing during the dolphins and giants game. Both blew the lead and won in OT

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    I think, after hitting 14/14, Monday morning, I would have been hedging my bet with a $50k (or as much as I could beg borrow or steal) bet on Minn to guarantee a least a $50k winner.

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    fake news