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    jew jersey

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonegambler23 View Post
    jew jersey
    Second most Jewish state.
    Only New York has more Jewish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechaoz View Post
    You guys have no idea what you're talking about. Central NJ is gorgeous. The Jersey shore cast were all from Staten Island. Every state has a shit hole.

    If I feel like caring (not tonight, going out), I'll post some of my pics along the delaware, hiking the water gap, camping, out in the country areas.

    I had the same vision. I lived in WA state for 37 years. The PNW cannot be touched nature wise, it's not debatable.

    When I visited the lady (fling at the time), my jaw hit the floor. It gets a terrible rep. As long as you aren't in fuggin Camden or Newark.

    BYOB? You'd be shot in the west. That's not a thing.

    People drive the speed limit or speed? Thank penetrating god.

    White privelage? Not in WA where everyone is white. Here? Cops don't even look at me driving 80 in the 45 bridge construction.

    Shows? Every band comes to Philly/nj/NYC. Incredible. The food, culture, people? Tri state can't be touched.

    I could go on and on.
    PNW is wonderful your correct. Why are you a niners fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonegambler23 View Post
    jew jersey
    And? Jealous they can afford a pro membership?

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    Are tremendous
    Make things

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