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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatTheJerk View Post
    So this degenerate chase wasn’t part of the plan, but it was the right call for my BR. Thanks Gambling Gods
    good shit my man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shocka1212 View Post
    good shit my man.
    Thanks my dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Sharp View Post
    .....Watson will get sacked 5+ times tonight by the boogie men......

    Quote Originally Posted by gauchojake View Post
    I guess not but it's kind of funny when even the Pats players are laughing about the "virus" doing fake sick poses after sacks
    Quote Originally Posted by KVB View Post

    They were?
    yes they did

    In case you didn't watch the game, Watson also escaped a couple of certain sacks.

    He also made some really accurate throws.

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    Did he win?

First 1234