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    Fri NCAAF spot play

    Marshal -6.

    I like this game even before the suspension but with the suspension its even better. Lousiana tech is not as good as their record indicates since they mostly stomped over much weaker opponents but with their QB and wide receiver (team leader in received yards) it will be hard to over come marshal. Don't let Marshals close games fool you. Marshal will be the toughest defense that Louisiana tech will face. Marshal is 12th in the nation with 3.56 sacks per game and that is not good news for Louisiana Techs redshirt qb who will take over the game for the 1st start of the season. Normally i tend out avoid playing after the line move but here this is a great spot. I already had a big bet on -2.5 when line opened before the suspension news and thought marshal would win by more than a touch down but now i think its a double digit blow out so added another unit to make it a larger than usual play. Keep in mind that Louisiana Tech is still the public favorite even after the suspension.

    I also have a pending parlay with marshal and zverev which is now coming down to Marshal, so lots of exposure for me on this game. And no hedging for me.

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    Excellent Call

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    Fukkin’ spot on assessment & pick here, it was like you knew the exact pending future.