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    Jerky you still playing with $500 bankroll and telling everyone your a pro gambler????

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    In sports betting I'm definitely up
    Poker ... Rake kills you - down
    Table games - down but not much
    Stock market- so far up I can't see
    Housing market- up ridic amount

    Overall positive

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    Sam Odom
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    gaucho thinks outside the Box

    Sammy likes that
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    I'm +EV
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    In all my life, I've deposited about $1000 to sportsbooks (small timer). I've withdrawn about $10k. I've probably lost about $50k in casinos (barely ever go but had my moments). The real area where I've made money is proline. It's still profitable but not nearly like it was back in the late 90s, early 2000s. By 2010, the gig was softening up but I cleared just under $50k in a 10 year period. I only bet when I believe it's +EV.

    I currently have ~$2k left over in various accounts. Basically committed to riding that money out forever. I don't like to deposit and only bet 1 or 2 percent of bankroll so takes forever to make or lose money.

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    I never mention my loses, only wins.. I'm in denial.

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    Lifetime loser to roulette and blackjack

    small loser to sports

    break even up live poker

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    Update your status
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    Sports up
    Poker up
    Slots up

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    Let's go, Brandon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shocka1212 View Post
    up 15k.... basically your life savings... Bigdaddy, whats it like being on Gov't cheese?
    What strategy do you use? Beat the lines? Play the bonuses? Contrarian?

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