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    Cleveland Clowns..................

    The Browns this season when compared to last season have:
    - a worse record
    - fewer Pass Yd
    - fewer Pass TD
    - fewer Rush Yd
    - fewer Points
    - fewer Defensive INT
    - more INT Thrown
    - more Points Allowed
    - more Pass TD Allowed
    - more Rush Yd Allowed
    - more Turnovers
    - more Penalties

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    John Dorsey ruined this team

    should of gave William's another year coaching. he got them pumped up to play every week. he won 6 out of 9 games! kitchens should not be the coach!

    he should have kept peppers, zeitler, perryman and the draft picks instead of Beckham and vernon.

    he should of never signed hunt because it pissed off duke Johnson who they are sorely missing now

    there were much better options at number 4 overall in 2018 than Denzel ward

    and for some reason guys like Higgins and avery who had great years last year aren't playing

    team is a disaster cuz of the GM and no one realizes it YET. he didn't hit on any draft picks in 2019 so far either
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