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    contra spem spero
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    local bar offers this no half point lines, and any tie loses and my fav part the differrent lines over and under, pays 5-1 3 teamer 10-1 4 teamer guy must make a killing off the drunkards



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    Eddy Munny
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    What a fukkin scam!

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    2 dollar parlay card
    A couple of years ago, I played one just for the experience of using that shitty little pencil.
    Felt like I was back in school doing a scan-tron test
    Anyways, got jerked over on ties, as they were losers. Station Casino.
    That's when I had to teach all the people I work with to never do a parlay card. Just pay the 5 bucks to do a minimum parlay.

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    hope i dont wake up tomorrow
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    Doesn't even pay 5-1 or 10-1 as you stated...I learned this from learning to play craps a long time ago that "5 for 1" and "10 for 1" actually are 4-1 and 9-1...i.e if you hit the 3 teamer for a dollar, your return is $5..$4 winnings plus the $1 you wagered.....scam!!

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    Been around for years

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    Been around forever

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    penetrate me to tears
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    Played one before I started betting ever 20 bucks 6 teams got 540 lmao the guy couldn’t believe I won I had no clue I was getting ripped off